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    Default vs Dressage Training Online

    Anyone use these - which do you prefer & why? I tried Dressage Training Online & liked it, but was frustrated by the shortness of the videos. I can understand the reasoning for keeping them short, but many times I was left longing to see the whole ride. There are some great clinicians on DressageClinic, but it is more pricey. Pros - Cons?

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    Try Checking out this channel too. It gives you actual feedback on your ride so you are not just watching videos. And its free!

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    Oct. 13, 2006


    I like the clinic on the best. I dunno if Id pay the price but maybe see if someone will split it with you?
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    Feb. 20, 2011
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    dressage is great. I've been a memeber of trainingonline, but did not get much out of it - even though it seems there are a lot of good clinicians, the content is no where near as useful as compared with

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    May. 19, 2011


    I have had both over the past couple years, but always end up staying with Clinic. Their web interface is WAY more user friendly then Training.

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    I've subscribed to both and I think they both have good information. I do, however, think the price gets to be a bit too much so rather than subscribe every month I will subscribe to one of them for a month, watch all of the videos I feel are interesting/pertinent to me at the time, and then cancel. I wait a couple of months and then subscribe again for just a month, watch any new videos that have uploaded during my down time, and then take a break again. I switch back and forth with this method between the two. I get the full benefit of the videos while saving some money this way. One of them, I think it's offers a discount if you're a USDF member which also helps with cost.

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    Default has a 15% discount for USDF members. I signed up for a month just so I could view a video lesson of a horse I just bought. But I may renew since there is so much info on there!
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