So far, he's had 4 injections/4 days apart. He will have this schedule for the first month.

I've ridden him 4 times (weather prohibited more) and each ride seemed better than the one before it. I can't be sure because the improvements are so subtle that it could have been just a better day.

But, yesterday...our 4th ride...was super spectacular. First of all, he gave me a feeling that he was peaceful in his skin. Sounds weird, I know, but it was like he was happy and wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. The best part was his lope transition. I touched him with my spur and the next step was loping. Couldn't have been more perfect! Equally great both directions.

Those were the only lope trans we did because of the snow and cold...footing and didn't want to get him too warmed up.

I'm so pleased with the results. Next chance to ride is Saturday.