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    Default Wash Rack Towel and Boot Bars - My Brilliant Idea (or am I wrong?)

    I'm finally starting to figure out where to put things in my wash rack/groom bay that we added on to the barn last year. I've been using it, just haven't hung up anything permanent besides cross ties as I like to be sure of stuff ... and the tongue and groove wood in there is so pretty, I don't want to screw it up (literally!).

    One thing I was thinking about was putting some bars up to hang towels on, or pads, or boots when drying...and my SO suggested some basic towel bars. This won't be in a part where a horse should be leaning, but you never know, so all I could see with that is a squished towel bar, or worse, a broken one impaling my horse.

    But then I happened upon these -- grab bars like for a handicapped bathroom. This is one version (there are different sizes and styles):

    These have to be pretty sturdy, so if a horse sits on it, I'm thinking it won't be as dangerous as a small bar would be. They are 1.5" diameter and the gap from the wall is about 1.5" or so -- enough room to hang stuff I am thinking of, just towels or saddle pads or boots - not really planning to stuff blankets on there as I have hooks elsewhere for those.

    Any thoughts? I think it is worth a try unless someone points out some super safety hazard that I haven't thought of.
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    Why not get a swimming noodle (long "pipe" made of foam that floats) thread (using any long thin metal pipe) heavy twine through it and suspend it from hgh up in the stall. You can use it like the grab bar you pictured but its totally horse safe and can be squished and will rebound. You could even raise or lower it as needed. Just make sure the hooks you suspend it from are high and away from horses head etc.

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    My old BO had towel barns in the washrack - they were very handy!
    The grab bars sound like a great idea, or just something super simple like this: I have a couple of these and they're very low profile.

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    That seems fine to me, though I don't know if 1.5" clearance from the wall would leave much room for things to really dry out.

    I certainly wouldn't worry about a solid piece like that breaking and "impaling" a horse. It would be far more likely to just be ripped from the wall if the situation got that dire.
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    I have had the blanket bar from Dover linked above in my washrack for about 20 years with no problems.

    i have also hung the baskets from this set of drawers
    up high on the wall (above my head) to hold leg boots so they can dry. I used the little plastic clips for installing wire shelving, and I can take the baskets down if necessary. Only problem I've had with this was I have had birds try to make nests in the fleece-lined DSB boots if I left them in there with the fleece side up!

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