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    You should see me with a lunge line

    Patience and Consistency are Your Friends

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    Nah she was making a point. At this particular show I'd been rammed several times because other riders were using my poor steady mare to stop because they had no brakes There were a few fancy-schmancy horses there that the owners were bragging about how much they had spent buying them. Unfortunately the owners were way over-horsed. This was a fun show for Adult riders who weren't likely to be showing a great deal and usually just wanted to have a little fun trail riding with friends. So she did some judging on suitability, things like picking up a sheepskin and moving it from one barrel to the next, opening a gate without getting off, passing things from one rider to another, things your average horse for your average rider shouldn't freak out about. It was an eye-opener for some of the riders, mainly those who had just bought their first horse. However while sitting under your horse was probably a step too far, it did show VERY clearly what a good all round horse for an adult beginner rider will tolerate

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    My horse had been off for 5 days and had missed turnout because of bad weather for three of those. There was a 10-degree temperature drop and it was quite windy. I decided his first ride back should be out in the open bareback with a halter and two lead ropes.

    I did end up putting tack on him, but more because he was unexpectedly sound than because he was fresh (which he was, but fresh for him means I can trot him twice around before I have to kick him.)

    Tip has a tremendous brain and uncommon common sense, and I do all manner of stupid things with him. That said, my horses learn to be kid-safe and amateur-friendly, so they learn to tolerate a certain level of stupid. I'm pretty sure Tip just sighs and ignores his crazy person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoZ View Post
    The ones I trust would go out of their way NOT to run into me if something spooked them. The one I trust the most is kind of spooky (I think she LIKES to spook) but I have seen her accordion (can that be a verb?) into a reallycompacthorse when she realizes that I'm on the other side of the current spook.
    Yeah, I think that was kind of the key for me with trusting my horse. I had had him for about a year and we had a so-so relationship, and things were starting to improve. Then one day I was walking him down to the outdoor and there was an EZ-Up covered in bright blue tarp set up, blowing around a bit in the wind. I led him up to take a look at it, since he can be a bit spooky--at which point a large wind swelled up and popped the entire damn thing over directly at us. The logical spook direction for him would have him spook right into/over me; instead, he literally bent himself into a U-shape to wrap around me and avoid hitting me, and then stood there pressed against me and snorting (because all 90 lbs of me were going to protect him from the Tarp Monster). Again, I understand that horses can always have moments where they completely accidentally can kill you, but I have a lot more faith now that even if something terrifies him, he will try not to smush me.

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    OH yea, I way over trust my horse. However, the worst she has ever done has stepped on my foot by accident as she gets a little antsy when tacking up. But I often kneel down to do stuff around her feet/legs/whatever and always think "she could totally nail me if she wanted" but she has always stood stock still when I'm down there.

    Another thing I do that I totally take for granted is when I put her in her stall, she stays in there like a good girl, even if the door is wide open (because she thinks food is coming, lol). Well, one day I was riding another horse and did the same thing to him without even thinking and he totally just walked out and started moseying down the barn aisle. Luckily I was able to corral him into an empty stall while I grabbed his halter but that could have gone badly!

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