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    I agree. I would at least want a referral hospital--teaching or otherwise--to review the record. That is a lot of very weird shit to happen to one young, presumably healthy, dog. It doesn't even need to be nearby, although that would be handy if they do want to see her.

    Perhaps if you post your general area, someone here will have a recommendation?

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    Not defending the vets here - but generally pelvic fractures dont happen when a dog is hanging out in the back yard. Abdominal radiographs were warranted for sure. As were pain meds. At that point, if your dog did not get better, I would hope it was in the instructions to bring the dog back for more diagnostics??

    If it went the other way, dog had a bruising on its belly - ER vet did ALL diagnostics (abdominal, pelvis, spine) xrays and found nothing, that would rack up a pretty hefty bill. If the dog is able to walk, generally pelvic fractures are found as caudal abdominal pain. Many dogs with significant pelvic fractures cant walk on the side that is affected, or will have a good limp. If your dog wasnt limping, it would seem reasonable to assess the abdomen first - as abdominal bleeding can be life threatening.

    USUALLY, on good abdominal radiographs (which should be from the tip of the diaphragm to the pelvic acetabulum) you should be able to see a high pelvic fracture. If their radiographs were inclusive of the whole abdomen and it was cranial to the acetabulum, maybe you could get your money back, but often times the fracture is at the symphesis or ischium area which may not be included in the abdominal radiograph - but otherwise they vet treated the dog for pain (which ultimately is what you need to do for a pelvic fracture anyway).

    Since the dog was in MORE pain, and it didnt return for further exam or pain meds, you can blame the vet for that, unless you called him and toldhim the dog was doing worse and ignored it.

    Hope your poor girl is doing better, what a bizarre thing to happen while out playing in the back yard! Sure you dont have cars passing through your yard?

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    Emergency vet recommended calling if there were any changes and taking her to our regular vet when they opened.

    I am in Kansas, in a small town but not far from a large city, so there are lots of good clinics around.

    Fracture was an ischial fracture.

    It appears that she is feeling much better after the opening of the wound on her belly. We are thinking there was a lot of pressure from the hematomas that was causing a lot of the pain. She is now even trying to play, but of course is being watched 24/7. She was in a lot of pain last night, but I think they had her feeling too good with the pain medicine after surgery and she over did it running around.

    No cars in the back yard! We do have wrought iron furniture with spindly legs on the deck and she loves to weave through them to dodge the big dogs, we are thinking maybe she nailed on of those with her hip.

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