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    Oops - how did that double post happen - no idea.

    Another thing I got a kick out of was watching the price of gold and purchasing an oz. when it was on a low. Saving them in my safety deposit box for my grandchildren when they graduate school for their gap years.
    Surely they will have made substantial gains by then??? Time is on my side.
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    I haven't read Ramsey, but I adore Suze Orman -- Women and Money, and The Courage to be Rich are the two I'd start with.

    First: you MUST know your debts. I'm confused by your statement that you "think" your student loans are your only debts. You need to collect every envelope laying around your house and go through them one afternoon. Do you have credit cards? Do you use them? Do you pay them off every month? Do you owe a doctor, a vet, the dentist, etc.? Write down every debt you owe. Start a spreadsheet if that helps.

    Second: get your credit score so you at least know where you stand.

    Third: The second a bill comes in, sit down, write the check, put a stamp on it, and mail it the next day. Or set up automated billpay with your bank.

    Fourth: start reading magazines like Money and following the stock market and investment firms. A savings account is a nice, safe place for your money, but it can be working much harder if its invested. And you may not feel safe investing all of it -- and that's okay. Do some research, pick a good mutual fund, and invest what you feel comfortable with. Educating yourself about these things will help alleviate your fears and make you feel more in control of things.

    Sorry -- I'm just now digging myself out of debt and getting serious about these things, too -- and you're starting much earlier than I did! You should feel good about that.

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    Stop doing anything with horses I want to vomit whenever I see how much I plop down on those beasts of mine.

    I find to be the easiest for keeping track of spending. All my accounts are linked to it and I categorize everything so I can keep track of how much I'm spending on each category (rent, food, horse board, horse training, vet, gas, etc). They even have a phone app and there are nice charts you can pull up to see your spending trends.

    Also, open a Roth IRA and start putting at least a little bit into it each month. There are several benefits of having a Roth IRA. The old financial guys that work in the building my office is located talked me into it.

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