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    Default How many blankets for Body Clipped Horses with temps going to single digits?

    Well the title says it all...How and how much do you layer on the body clipped horses when the temps are dropping?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Well the title says it all...How and how much do you layer on the body clipped horses when the temps are dropping?
    Is the horse out with the ability to move around or stalled? Access to grass/hay? Have buddies? Of average age and good body weight/condition?

    For a field boarded horse that has access to grass and/or hay, can move around freely, is in good condition, and has buddies I would probably do a heavy weight. I don't buy heavy weight blankets because they are so hard to wash, so I layer. In this case I would likely do a stable blanket with a medium weight turnout over top and probably a hood if single digits.
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    My go to blanket when it gets single digits or below is the Rambo Supreme heavy weight. 420 g of fill.

    If it gets much below zero, I'd add a fleece underneath.

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    Are they indoors or outdoors? Do they have access to a run-in? What are the winds like? Any moisture (rain, snow)?

    Lots of factors there. I would think one heavyweight for stalled horses in a closed barn. If outside in the elements, I would add a thick liner under that heavyweight and a neck cover.

    That said - I would avoid putting a clipped horse in the elements without access to a shelter; at least not for very long.

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    I usually do a midweight with a neck over or under a regular midweight.

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    I clipped the body of my OTTB, but left his legs, neck, & head furry. He's currently wearing his shoulder guard, midweight turnout, & a turnout sheet on top. He gets hay outside, is in good weight, and is only out during the day. So far, the lowest we've gotten is high-teens/low 20's. Looking to get a fleece liner this weekend as I'm sure the single digits will be here eventually. Once it hits single digits, I'd add the fleece liner.
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    Cotton sheet with midweight blanket over it while inside. Heavyweight, high neck turnout blanket over the top of that when outside.

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    Mine is in a medium stable, with a midweight turnout(with neck) on top. He drops weight very easily if he gets cold,and will stand in the run-in, instead of eating at the roundbale. So far he has been quite content in this combo. When it gets colder, I will replace the midweight turnout with a rambo supreme over the stable. He is only trace clipped,but doesnt grow a ton of coat.

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