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    Default Trailer Woes. Titles, registration and the DMV

    Last year my FIL passed away, thus I ended up with all horse related items since I am the only horse person in the family. Of course, I have a ton of mixed emotions about seeing his stuff all the time but that is an entirely different thread.

    The topic at hand is the trailer. In Alabama you do not (or rather did not) have to register, inspect, or have a title for certain trailers. This one is one that fell into that category. Since it is so old and the family had it so long there was no paperwork to go with it.

    If we lived in AL, this would be no issue. However, I am in good ol' VA where we love to have paperwork on everything. At this point, I just have a notarized bill of sale. VA DMV suggested something else from MIL to show proof of ownership. (Registration, title, all the things that are not in existence.)

    I know that the most solid answers are going to be when we go to the DMV, but I was hoping someone could offer additional advice.

    I thought about the homemade route, but it is a 1981 Merhow, which it clearly states. So, I feel like that would be lying. I also know they have a form that is called "In Lieu of a Title" , so that might work.

    I would normally never get something without all the paperwork, but clearly I know where the trailer came from and that it is not something stolen.

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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    Call the state patrol and ask a trooper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFrost View Post
    At this point, I just have a notarized bill of sale.
    I cannot imagine how that would not be enough by itself to prove ownership at this point in the process.

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    Have her file for a lost title so she can get a replacement:
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    No, I agree that a Bill of Sale doesn't prove ownership. But that's Alabama for you. As for asking her to file for a lost title, I could ask for that but I am not sure the state of AL will issue one for a trailer given that is not the norm there. If a trailer is manufactured before 1990, not title, tag or registration is required.

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    Ha. I knew this was VA from the thread title. Good luck! Even with a brand new trailer, bill of sale, and certificate of origin, after four trips to the dmv I gave up and registered mine in Maine. The VA dmv can. Not. Be. Reasoned with. I'm an attorney and I was at a loss. Congrats Commonwealth, I sent my 5% sales tax to Maine since you refused to take my money!
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    Did the trailer come through the estate? If so then that should be sufficient evidence of legal ownership to begin a "chain of title" process. You might be better off to do this in AL where they are familiar with these situations than VA where they are not.

    Or just sell the trailer in AL and take the cash to VA. No title problems at all, there.

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    Try Vermont, they'll register anything.

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