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    Apr. 29, 2011

    Question Raw Puppy Pads :-/

    This past week I brought home a 6-month-old pup from Alabama. We have snow/ice here and her pads are raw and this morning they were bleeding.

    I know they just need to toughen up but in the meantime, how can I help her? I heard about Musher's Secret, which I am going to order online, but need an immediate solution in the meantime.

    I'm resisting getting doggie snow boots because my guess is that she will just fling them off and/or chew on them and I dont want to waste 30+ dollars.

    Vet wrap? Or am I underestimating a good set of booties?

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    Mar. 9, 2006


    She can't chew the boots off if she's in motion. Put the boots on and take her outside immediately for a walk or a game of fetch. With enough distraction she'll forget she's wearing them. If they fit well and you tighten them properly she won't fling them off.

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    Dec. 31, 2000
    El Paso, TX


    get some Musher's secret.
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