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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsalem View Post
    I remember leaving a barn years ago when the board went up $20. (This was long before I ran my own barn!) When I questioned the proprietor about the increase, she got a little irate, said that the fee increase was to pay for things like "salt bricks", and told me that if I didn't like it, I could leave.
    Ah yes, the mysterious raise in rates. Many years ago the board went up at a large boarding facility. The only reason given was that the electricity rates had gone up. Yes, that was true, as the rates had gone up in our part of the state. Boarders were irritated, but accepting.

    But when the electricity rates went back down 6-8 months later, the board increase remained in effect, and never returned to the original price.

    A few people left, not because of the cost, but because they felt duped (which they were).
    -Amor vincit omnia-

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJenners View Post
    I know, I know, the OP was back in Jan. But I read with interest then, and now it's been bumped .

    I just moved to a different barn to be with a trainer with my young horse. My trainer is also a manager at the farm and leases a barn from the farm, I pay her directly. I get to use all the facilities except a washstall in the "main" barn, which is reserved for another trainer who leases about 20 stalls by himself. She has now been told she has to charge an additional fee to cover arena use for lessons she gives, even to those of us who are already boarding there.

    She's working out the hows and wheres of moving her clients now. She doesn't want to nickle and dime her clients, and is unhappy that the facility owners (corporate folks) are forcing the fee on her. And I guess the corporate folks are just as happy to have an empty barn and find a new employee and not get the arena fee. Must be nice to have money like that!
    Oh Jenners, I know where you are boarding and yes, they will nickel and dime you to death. So glad you (and your trainer) are getting out.

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