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    being a professional groom for 15 years I have learned the art of being able to fit all my stuff into a 2 horse bumper pull. and I like it that way. My parents are always trying to give me stuff. And I always hand it right back. Mind you my place is not devoid of character, I just dont have a lot of stuff.

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    I'm told I don't own a lot but it wasn't a conscious choice. I've moved cross country with my belongings in the back of a car three times (one trip was in an SUV). I didn't own furniture the first two times, not even a bed. I bought furniture after the second move and sold or gave away what I couldn't fit in the car before I moved the third time. It killed me to find out that it would cost me more to ship it than to re-buy it! I now have too much to move in my car but could fit it in a smaller U-Haul truck. I say that having more than a car load or owning unnecessary furniture, like patio furniture, is a sign I'm settling down.
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    Not a minimalist in the owning department but i really cannot handle clutter. I swear it raises my heart rate and makes me edgy. i have stuff but what I own has to have a place out of view to be stored. No idea why it bug s me but it does.

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    Not minimalist by any means, but I guess people might find my apartment furnished/decorated minimally? I move a lot for my job and I don't like moving stuff I absolutely don't use, plus I like the "clean" (*cough*empty*cough*) look, so I have just the basics. I routinely junk stuff, take clothes I don't use to Goodwill, etc. I don't collect (except, ummm, my collection of alcohol miniatures, but that lives in my parents' house), don't like knick-knacks and other things that don't serve a function.

    I only acquired a bed maybe 4 years ago, before that my futon was my bed and my couch and pretty much the only sitting-type furniture besides my computer desk chair. Then once I had the bed the futon was my couch.
    The last 2 years I lived in a much bigger place, and actually acquired a real couch O__o
    Which is now somewhat biggish as I'm back in a smaller place. But I like the couch, oh well.

    But, I do have a flat screen TV, I have cable and internet, I have kitchen appliances I love like a gelato maker, my clothes definitely couldn't fit into just a suitcase or two.
    Nor could my new treadmill. I guess it's a good thing I don't have that much furniture, or the thing couldn't fit

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