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    Default Dog food/ treat/ supplement thread!

    A few months ago I was shopping for dog treats in Costco and came across their grain-free dog food line. Looked at ingredient label and it seemed to pass the test. I picked up a 40lb bag of salmon and sweet potato food for $33 and all my family's dogs LOVE it. My piggo foxhound won't even eat the Taste of the Wild food that he used to gulp down because he expects this stuff now.

    Another thing I/ they love: giant tub of dehydrated liver treats

    Anyone else come across a great food or treat lately?

    I'm also looking for anything that can help keep my foxhound's teeth nice and clean. He had his first desperately needed cleaning and tooth extraction a couple months ago ($$$ free retired hound), and at 11 years old I'd like to keep them from needing another expensive treatment. He will not let anyone touch inside his mouth, so brushing is not an option. I try to give him dental and jerky chews, but I'm sure there's something else that would help.

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    My dog can't have anything with corn, wheat, beef, or chicken, so finding treats especially is a challenge. I found some vegan treats he LOVES at the local health food store from Barbara's Canine Catering. They're a local company (Charlotte, NC), so i don't know if they're available everywhere.

    As far as teeth, nothing beats good, raw bones with a little meat still on. My feed store gets a supply from a local butcher and sells them cheap. I feed one frozen (I try for a knuckle bone or joint rather than a long bone) every month or so-my dog eats every part he can including a lot of the bone and any meat/connective tissue/marrow. He can't have beef in large amounts, but a monthly bone doesn't seem to set off his allergies, and his teeth look good between dentals. Make sure the bones are fresh and raw. The feed store guy always helps me choose the right size for my dog, big enough so he can't swallow parts whole, but not too big, and he LOVES them. My rug always looks like a murder scene afterward, but he is in doggie heaven. Most dental chews have wheat or corn, and my dog won't touch rawhide or pig ears, but he LOVES his bone!

    As far as the cats, I get freeze dried chicken in the dog section as it's cheaper packaged for dogs. It's 100% meat, which for cats is essential. They LOVE them and practically climb my legs when they hear the bag come out. The dog can have the freeze-dried salmon or tuna, so we get that sometimes too.

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    Nov. 1, 2007
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    Head on over the the menagerie forum and you will find lots and lots of threads about dog foods and treats.
    That way when OT days ends you can still continue your thread.

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