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    Feb. 13, 2011

    Default Trace clip and weight loss

    I've seen some of you take advantage of colder temps and no grass to get ahead in the weight loss department with your beyond easy keepers. I'm normally in that boat, but this winter I haven't been able to exercise them and despite being on a diet my gelding has managed to gain quite a bit.

    So for those who have used trace clips or whatnot to take down some of the yak hair, has it helped with burning some extra calories or do they just become even more efficient?

    What sort of clip has worked well? What can I expect time wise? Does it usually make much difference?

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    Yes, I absolutely think it helps. I just use sheep blades to clip my super-woolly Shetland: chest, underside of the neck, lower 1/3 of her sides, belly, and flanks. I let her keep her warm, waterproof "wool" on top and she is always plenty warm but MUCH SLIMMER in the springtime!

    Unless I clip her multiple times (and usually I don't) the coat she has back within a month is STILL thicker than that of most of my other horses.
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    This is my pony's clip job for the winter:

    I don't think that I clipped enough hair off, and I wish that I had done as much as DW suggests. And, as DW mentioned, my pony has already grown back more hair than any of the other horses have. I'll probably clip him one more time before the spring since he's staying fairly round this winter. Of course, that has nothing to do with the hair and everything to do with the fact that he's finally ingratiated himself to the horses to the point that they'll share their breakfast with him when I let him out of his pony pen in the morning. I do really appreciate the fact that even with the small amount of hair I removed, my guy has held his weight with the food increase rather than gaining like he should have.
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    Feb. 13, 2011


    Thanks guys! I did trim under side of neck and chest, which did nothing bc it grew back so fast. I will go ahead and do the whole trace clip this time.

    Deltawave, where do you get sheep clippers? What brand/model are you using? My oster a5 took forever for just the little bit I did.

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