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    Default Concussion or something else?

    On Friday morning I was sideswiped by my gelding's head as I was putting out hay. He spooked and slammed his head right into the side of mine. I wasn't even aware he was close to me until the collision.

    No loss of consciousness, just a very sore head. I took a couple of Tylenol and laid on the couch with the blinds drawn. I meant to get up and do more throughout the day but didn't end up doing anything much.

    On Sunday morning my stomach started bothering me and has ever since. I haven't eaten much since Fri and have felt very tired as well. Just doing the absolute minimum.

    Since the nausea was delayed could it be due to the head trauma or just a mild concurrent stomach bug? My head still hurts although less than it did over the weekend.

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    Hi I'm sorry to hear that you are hurt. Head injuries are not good, if you are questioning how you feel - to me that means a trip to the doc or emergency room is not a bad idea.

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    I agree.. a trip to the hospital is could have a brain bleed causing all of your symptoms...better to be safe than sorry :/ Good luck! Keep us updated

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    Thirded. Better safe than sorry.

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    Most definitely and I bet when you're healed you'll wonder how you ever even questioned that you might not have one. Take care of it so it doesn't come back to haunt you later in life.

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