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    Dec. 30, 2012
    Midlothian, VA

    Default Newbie & Boarding Help Needed (Chesterfield, VA)

    Hi guys!

    I'm new here, though I've known about the forums for a while...I've decided to see if you guys in the Chesterfield, VA area (or surrounding) can find something I've missed.

    I want to move my mare closer to home, which means from Richmond/Henrico to Chesterfield. Possibly Powhatan. I've gone through some barns and not really liked what I've seen - either lack of care, lack of facility, indifference to turnout situations, lack of hay, it goes on - so I'm hoping maybe some of you know of some private barns that wouldn't mind a boarder.

    I am looking for:
    - Private/small. No BIG show barns. I don't show and don't like a large population of people. Smaller show barns are fine. (ie, Norwood, Summerhill, and Campbell Springs are all WAY too big for me)
    - Mainly adult boarders.
    - Reasonable turn out. 12h in/12h out or something close. Decent fields. 4-5 horses a field.
    - Sacrifice field or paddock that my mare can rotate into. She gets fat on air and won't keep a muzzle on, provided you can even get into the stall with it in your hand. She despises them.
    - Storage. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff. (Yes, I need to downsize).
    - Riding...area. Preferably a fenced in ring, but I'll settle for something flat. I ride predominantly dressage when I can be bothered to look like I know what I'm doing
    - Trail access. My mare and I love a good hack. Of hours.
    - SHAVINGS!!!!! I can't believe the amount of people nowadays that want to shortchange on shavings. Proper, adequate bedding (not just a dusting of shavings over the mats) is mandatory.

    I will:
    - give my own vaccines and most first aid care.
    - provide my own feed & supplements
    - work one or two days a week to offset board costs if help is needed (I also have another skill that I could offer, but I don't know if that qualifies as advertising since it's a business...)
    - pay on time.
    - be quiet, drama free
    - bring a mid- to upper-level mare in the herd hierarchy.

    Budget wise, I'm looking $350-$400. If anyone has any ideas or knows of people that don't advertise but wouldn't mind a little extra money or help around the farm, that would be great.

    Thanks much guys!

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    Aug. 28, 2012


    I board at a barn out in Powhatan. Small very drama free barn that i know is looking for another boarder.

    19 stalls
    fenced outdoor ring as well as an indoor
    There are trails though i myself have not been on them, so i couldnt tell you if they are long.
    Mostly hunter/jumpers but well worth a look.
    My guy fits in well there.
    Owners care a super lot about the well being of all the horses.

    If you would like contact info pm me.

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