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    Dec. 7, 2006
    Spruce Grove AB


    Count me in for the I hate begging group! And with that my two do if allowed. My shih Tzu will try to use his jedy mind force, if I don't tell him to 'GO!' he will sit and stare. Actually I don't have to tell him, I snap and point to his bed and he slinks off. The force is not strong with this one lol!

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    Sep. 6, 2012


    I don't know....either don't go to there house or get over it. The dog lives there you don't.

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    Mar. 11, 2007


    I try to make my dogs be good if they're bad for other people; sometimes they think new people are easy targets or they're excited about company or just being bad b/c the food smells so good. Other people have different expectations but if I see it's not working out I try to make my dogs accomodate, I've locked them up or tied them or put them in my truck, they don't care and if my company/friend is more comfortable that's important to me. I wouldn't have anyone over that made a snap judgement call about me as a person based on my dog's behavior on their visit! LOL

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    Mar. 27, 2008


    Meh. If 12 of us are sitting at the table, my dog will sit between my feet with his nose on my chair cushion. He will also do it to my husband and my mom who spoils him. He won't bother anyone else and they won't even know he's there unless they look under the table. It doesn't bother me because he doesn't make a peep. I've never had to train him not to beg from other people. He just doesn't - but I've caught guests calling him and feeding him off the table.
    We used to have a family dog who sat on a mat during dinner and that dog whined constantly. That I won't tolerate. It helps to have a Shiba Inu that hardly ever makes noise.
    You are what you dare.

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    Mar. 10, 2009


    A few years ago we were having a small family dinner at my dad & stepmother's home.

    Dad: "Mom, (my grandma), stop sneaking food to Bailey (beagle) from the table. He gets plenty to eat. He is not hungry."

    Grandma, indignantly: "I'm not feeding him anything from the table! I know better."

    Dad: "Mom, it's a clear glass-top table. I can see every move you make."

    No one can beg quite like a hound, and I think beagles are the overall champs.

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    Apr. 10, 2005
    Spring, TX


    I HATE it. My dogs are pretty rotten sometimes, but I try to curb bad behavior when guests are around. We moved into a new home and the dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, and for meals, they go outside. My MIL feeds her dogs, using her own fork, and they have serious behavioral issues.

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