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    Nov. 19, 2003

    Default Hispanic & Women Farmers and Ranchers Settlement?

    I am wondering if I am the only person considering this. I had a terrible 'interview' with a USDA loan person in my earlier days; he insisted I could not even apply for a farm ground loan without the signature of my EX HUSBAND. As we'd been divorced for a year at that time and I was in a solid, well-paying job, I was pretty cheesed off.

    Just wondering if anyone else is going to do this.

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Where did that happen?

    In our area, the USDA loan committee has rules to go by and one of the first ones for many years was you had to stay in budget for each office and not all had the same amount of money at their disposition.

    Those loans are only guaranteeing your loan thru a local bank, they are not direct loans to applicants.

    The board of directors evaluate all the loans and then has rules to decide where to allocate the money.

    It would be hard to prove they were denying loans to any one person or group of persons.
    I do know that some in the deep South were caught not loaning to black applicants.
    I didn't know that they were proven to deny to hispanics and women?
    I know there is a special class of loans for special groups, including those and young/starting farmers.

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    Didn't know about this ... looks like you have until March 25, 2013 to file a claim.

    Good luck!

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    Feb. 24, 2005


    Just curious if your incident resulted from a potential ownership interest you husband might have had in the land. Your divorce was recent and if you owned the land, even in your own name, while you were married, that would be a logical reason for them to require his signature. Just a thought.

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