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    Jul. 31, 2012
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    Default Looking for Search and Rescue Volunteers. . . Hide in Woods For Dog Training??

    Hi all!

    I hope this is okay to post, but I'll go out on a limb here once. I am a member of K9 Alert Search and Rescue Dogs. My Belgian Malinois is in training, we are not yet a certified dog team, but there are 14 members in this group, most of which are certified by the state of Virginia.
    We train weekly and would like new people to hide in the woods for our dogs to find. We are centered around Richmond VA and train in various areas such as Bremo Bluff, Sandston. Petersburg, etc.
    If anyone is interested in volunteering their time, on a Saturday evening or Sunday for about 2 - 4 hours we would appreciate it. Someone would place you in the woods with a radio for communication and we would explain to you about rewarding the dog etc when you are found. You could read a book or nap or just enjoy nature while you are waiting to be found. It's quite nice. . . I've put some time in before I was voted into the group and we still rotate so all the dogs get to train.
    Anyone interested can check out the website www
    to see the calendar and contact us to let us know when you want to come. You can also PM me but I don't always check in here so just do that to initially get in touch, then we can plan dates from there, The training calendar is on ther website.

    Mods, thank you if this is not the norm for this forum!!

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    I don't know this group personally, but have friends who are involved in SAR who I hide for semi-regularly, so figured it was worth a bump and a recommendation!

    If you have the time, it's a relaxing and fun way to help - my friends are very kind about having me hide in comfortable places and I usually just bring a book and doze off for a little while. If you're a dog person, you'll probably find watching the dogs work pretty interesting as well. Bugs aren't even a problem this time of year! (In the summer, just remember to use bug spray and tuck your pants into your socks!)

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    I replied over in OT, too. I live in Bremo. I would be happy to help with that one!
    I will contact through the site, too.
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    My husband is very involved with two SAR dogs. I can vouch that being a volunteer is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot.
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    Nov. 13, 2005
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    I wish I still lived in VA...does anyone know of a group like this in/within reasonable driving distance of Triangle Area, NC? I have the time to donate for the moment and would love to help.
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    Would love to help and definitely have the time but I'm in NoVa. Maybe I'll look for a group here who could use volunteers.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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