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    Default Potting Training Fail or Physical Issue - Need help with my puppy!

    I adopted a puppy from our local SPCA back in August. He was estimated to be 8 weeks old, but his birthdate was unknown. He is a black and tan coonhound/pitt mix and I absolutely adore him! Unfortunately, we have been having one little recurring issue...

    He seems to be mostly potty trained. He hasn't pooped in the house since around mid-October and he usually lets me know when he has to go outside. He's super hyperactive though, so sometimes I have to stop him from playing and ask him if he has to go out ("Gotta go potty?" or "Gotta go out" are the phrases I use) and he usually responds. The real issue is that sometimes he still pees in the house. It seems like we can go for a few days without an incident, and then it will happen 2-3 times in one day. But he isn't squatting and peeing and it is rarely a puddle; he's walking or running and peeing. It seems like he doesn't even realize it's happening sometimes. He'll just leave a trail of urine across the floor and keep going on about his business (which is playing lol).

    When I first brought him home, he would do both - squat and pee, and run and pee. Then the squat and pee seemed to taper off until it was just the run and pee. He is SUPER smart and he seems to have grasped the concept of having to go outside to use the bathroom, but he is still leaving pee trails across the floor, which makes me wonder if there is maybe some kind of physical issue? I've never dealt with this problem before and was hoping someone would have some advice.

    If it matters, he was neutered on Dec 13, when we estimated he was 6 months. Also, he stays in a kennel when no one is home and he very rarely (as in once in the past month) has accidents in his kennel.

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    If he's been checked by the vet and doesn't have a UTI, then it's probably what I call a "happy bladder" - they get excited and don't think about holding it, or there's a bit of submission peeing going on too.

    You might need to go back to a very set schedule for a while, going out regularly for bathroom breaks, no playing allowed until he's voided. Take him to one certain area, use the same cue word, and BIG party and praise when he's done.

    You might also now expect him to be a bit less rambunctious in the house, or at least install an off switch for play time. I use "enough" for my girl, and she's expected to go lie down or amuse herself quietly. I had to teach it in installments though, starting with a sit-stay (and then down-stay) that really did mean "sit your butt down and don't move until I tell you to".

    He will probably grow out of it eventually

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    Certainly get him to the vet for a workup--a bladder infection is an easy problem to treat.

    If the vet clears him, they I would just go back to housebreaking 101. Get him out every 30 or 60 minutes regardless of whether or not he responds when you ask him if he has to go, with a BIG PARTY when he goes outside. He might just be too BUSY to go out to pee, so you're going to have to remind him that it is not optional!

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