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    Default Yeah another blanket question - sorta

    the weathabeeta brand fits my draftyX very well and he is not hard on blankets
    I hav noticed that the cheaper end - Saxon and Landa styles run short - back to belly
    Sincy my boy is Full-bodied, that doesnt work

    Does anyone have the Joule line of hteir blankets and if so, does this tend to the short side or OK on the length?

    I have noticed some decent prices for these and Im probably going to be replacing some blankets this year

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    I haven't heard of that brand.... but I know a lot of people who love weathabeeta. I have a saxon and have read it runs a little short too. My other boy has a tough-1 rain sheet that I love. Second horse its been used on and it still looks good, just one rip from the prevence horse (a 4 year old who is extermely rough on blankets). If theres nothing big wrong with it it would suggest just getting it re-water proofed or stiched up. It easy do-it-yourself stuff or there's places that can do it for you. Hope this helped a little..

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    Their Joules line is more about fashion and the color patterns they use. They do fit more true to size than their freestyle blankets which tend to run a size large. The Joules have the traditional gussets which is different from the freestyles. I have 9-10 Landas and have always found that the side drops are not short at all whereas the Saxons side drop is extremely short. I love Weatherbeetas - they have always held up extremely well and have always fit my horses. I do prefer the freestyle ones as they seem to be a bit roomier.
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