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    I've been guilty about leaving that big clod on top of the little pickup, It has a rack that makes it hard to deal with that part of the truck, but the car takes a while to warm up and the roof is at chest height.

    My biggest problem is finding that someone has taken out the scraper/brush and not replaced it. I still haven't been able to get him to cop to it or tell me where it went - probably into the shop for some use of the brush. Last time I had to clean off the car I used a towel out of the back.
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    I had to come post because as I was driving today an idiot nearly caused a giant accident because of her laziness.

    Large, many-laned intersection. Girl was driving through after her turn came, had to tap her brakes cause she got too close. That tap sent the giant sheet of ice sliding down her windshield, and of course, being unable to see, she screeched to a halt. The two cars behind her nearly rear-ended her in surprise, and it took her a solid minute to clear her windshield enough so that she could drive out of the middle of the intersection. Meanwhile, lights for several lanes are rotating, people are VERY angry and honking, and I can only hope that being the epicenter of a storm of hatred from angry commuters taught her to WIPE THE FREAKING SNOW OFF HER ROOF. Btw, this was a tiny commuter car, and it snowed DAYS ago.

    ReSomething, as a shortie with a tall vehicle (who NEVER leaves snow on her roof), there is nothing better than a push broom for getting stuff off.

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