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    8th grade teacher....district policy does not allow any assignments to be given over any holiday break. I wouldn't give an assignment, regardless, because I would only get about 40% of them turned in on the due date.
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    No, just extra credit. We start a new semester when we get back, so the credit would apply toward the new semester. To be honest, I'll be shocked if I get more than 10% of my students turning in any of it. That's cool with me--enjoy your vacation, kids.

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    Never did, and still wouldn't. That said, my school's math department did away with all homework last year. We have 90 minute classes, so use every bit of it. Our kids (we've got about 90% free or reduced lunch) don't have support at home, so if homework was sent home, it rarely came back. Many of our parents cannot help their kids anyhow, even if they wanted to. Oh, our state assessment scores went up over 10% last year, too.

    There is no evidence that homework actually helps kids learn. Those who can do the work don't need the practice, and those who can't do it either don't do it or do it wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CS View Post
    Just curious if you assign work to students over vacation. If you do, why?

    DD (6th grade) was assigned a very large project that is to be turned in on Jan 2. She's already put 10+ hours in, and has at least another 10 to go.

    Am I off my rocker as a parent to be a tad perturbed that DD is not getting a 'real' break from school work (which she desperately needs).

    I'm not a teacher, but I would also be upset if that much work was assigned to my child during a vacation. Especially around Christmas -- it should be a time when everyone puts their work aside (including parents on their blackberrys!) to relax and enjoy each other's company.
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    I send them home for break/vacation with a question/idea I want them to think about. Then, when we are back in the classroom, we have lively discussions involving the answers/observations.

    I don't think it is fair to burden families with homework packets. After all, I have a family and I know how busy breaks can be and how quickly they go by. But I do want my students to know that learning and thinking is something that happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. I point out that the observations they make are a part of the learning process, too.

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    I don't plan to do much work over break so why would I make my students? The most I asked of them is to START thinking of their research paper topics.

    Plenty travel, spend time with family, etc... In college, most are not given work over break because you're between semesters.

    I do know a teacher who is giving a two chapter test on the second day back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth0552 View Post
    I don't even assign that much homework during the regular week- because nobody does it!! Seriously- high school students- maybe 4 out of 30 will do it.
    Talked to my cousen who teaches math @ low income school in LOW income couty, this is same thing she said that no one will do it. I dont think a kid that gets it (mine) should have 30+ problems to do but a kid that needs practice should have 30 problems to do.

    If my kid had a project do after the holidays (no one would dare round here) I would probably be @ school explaning we went to FL (not a family trip) & it wouldnt be done. Just me.
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    None of my teachers assigned work over break. Heck, my civics teacher even encouraged all of us to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. This, coming from the teacher who has on more than one occasion had honors students doing two research papers at the same time and always assigns essays on tests for honors students (it's really not overwhelming in the slightest but I'm just trying to make a point )
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    I never agreed with large projects over the school breaks. Mainly because I was never a parent that allowed my kids to watch TV, play games, text or be on a computer all day long either.

    The longer school breaks were times for us to have Family Time together for longer, uninterrupted times than the short spurts during regular school. It was for vacations or family projects or visiting or sports/fun. And when teachers insisted on ridiculous amounts of over-the-break work that ruined ANY chance at family time, they heard about it.

    I fully understand that teachers have issues when parents aren't behind raising their kids and teaching them at home too. But I also have issues when teachers remove any chances of parents having quality time with their kids too. Not sure how to balance that.
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    5th grade public school teacher here. I don't assign homework over breaks (the only exception being an ongoing project that happens to fall over a break - never due directly upon return). I also don't assign homework over weekends, again with projects being the only exception.

    I even give kids a break from their nightly homework of reading and online math practice, which is a full-year assignment.

    My philosophy - they need the break as much as I do. Oh, and parents basically revolt that their kids have ANY homework at ANY point in the year for ANY reason.

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    Sep. 16, 2006


    I remember getting homework over breaks in K-12. It depended on the teacher, since some of my friends in the same grades but different classes wouldn't have homework.

    Course, I think it just prepares students for university. I've got 100+ pages to read before the start of the new term next week. Whoo.

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