I recent moved I the east coast from Colorado, my two youngsters one is a yearling and a weanling. Both are getting small scabs around their withers, and my weanling has some type of fungus going on on one of Her shoulders, she hasn't lost her hair yet, but it's scabby like and stuck in her hair, she seems to enjoy when I curry it, but after I break some scabs out it seems to start getting sensitive. It's very odd. Neither seem to be the rain rot I am used to... Just curious if it might be anything else? They both got ring worm mildly after the move... And my broodmare had rain rot which is now cleared up. My poor ponies are used to the extremely dry climate of CO and its extremely wet and damp here. Any suggestions? I've clipped their legs to avoid scratched and I feel like I've got that avoided so far (my yearling has 4 white legs but does his best to stay out of mud... He doesn't like it haha). My weanling also got what I figure was "dew poisoning" under her chin and around her lips but that cleared up as well! I just don't know if there is something to help their skin acclimate?