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    Default Difficulties with Apple after moving to a new country?

    I moved down to the US about a year ago and had an iPhone that I bought unlocked from Apple, recently I got a new iPhone here on an upgrade from AT&T and now it is saying I am not authorized to use the Canadian iTunes store? I still have a Canadian credit card and billing address but now I can't make any in-app purchases and it makes my phone trip a logic circuit and the videos and sounds will stop playing any time I try to do anything on the Canadian store. Apple just keeps sending me directions on how to change over to the US iTunes but that means they will stop updating all the apps I purchased from the Canadian store and that all my Canadian purchased content will no longer appear in the cloud etc. I still USE my Canadian apps, I like having the Canadian content in the iTunes store that isn't available on the US site, like some of my favourite bands! Does anyone have experience with this? Short of flying up to Canada and buying an unlocked iPhone which is really ridiculous, I have NO idea how to get around it. At this point I am seriously thinking about dumping Apple entirely...
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    I think the issue is that the phone knows where you are, and thus, you're beholden to that store as long as you're in the U.S. It's not an "Apple thing".

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    can you lock the gps thing? no idea... but I am always amazed at how many things we cannot see on the web because our IP is in Canada. Try to watch any show on abc, nbc, cbs, pbs... on line... no way! I am just glad that the reverse is true as well, but it is so frustrating. And yes, I know why... but still!

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    It's not Apple, it's the carrier (Verizon, Sprint, whatever you're using.) It is an FCC thing. Would be the same if you had a Nokia or a Samsung phone.
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