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    Dec. 8, 2003

    Default Oh, my aching coccyx!

    Winter's barely here, and I've already had my first hilarious-looking fall (you know, the kind where you windmill your arms while your legs fly up) on the icy pavement. Fortunately I had on about four layers, which cushioned it somewhat.

    As COTHers, I know you have dealt with tailbone trauma. What's your home remedy? Heat? Ice? Advil? Aleve? Wine?

    p.s., it's nearly worth the pain to be able to say "coccyx."

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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY


    Booze usually, and a hot epsom salt bath.

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    Mar. 9, 2006
    Chapel Hill, NC


    Inflatable "donut" like those people use for hemorrhoids. I broke mine once, and it was worth the snickers!
    From now on, ponyfixer, i'll include foot note references.

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    Jun. 15, 2002
    Orlando, FL


    I fell during finals week down a grassy hill in slippery flip flops. The worst part is that I had forethought into not walking down the hill because I might fall.

    I had no padding, just shorts and aww it went all they way up my spine.

    I took advil the first couple days then just kinda dealt with the pain which wasn't constant. I was exactly 2 weeks from the day of the fall that the pain pretty much all but went away. It will be 3 weeks on Tuesday.

    It it really hurts you then I would do the donut to sit on. Mine I could sit in certain ways and not have it hurt.
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    Jul. 28, 2006


    ahhh, so painful! I feel for you..
    advil for the next few days, with hot soaking baths. If that isn't doing the trick.. donut! I broke mine skating a few years ago, and I was 2 months on a donut.

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