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    Feb. 20, 2011
    Dutchess county, NY

    Default facebook missing "friend" button

    Trying to add friend and the friend button us located in the right hand corner next to "message" is missing anyone else notice this?

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    Jan. 25, 2011


    There's a setting on Facebook that does not allow other people to add you as a friend, you must add them.

    For example, if I set my profile in this manner, Suzie Q could not add me as a friend, but I could add her and then she could confirm. I don't really get the point of the setting for anyone but celebrities or something, but some people are extremely cautious on Facebook.

    If it's happening for all friends you try to add, then not sure what the problem is :/
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    Sep. 26, 2010


    I've removed a lot of stuff form my facebook page, including all the metrics. I'm tired of seeing numbers all over the place so I installed an add-on that removes them.

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    Sep. 1, 2007


    What GJ posted. In your privacy settings, you can check if you will allow people to add you as a friend, message you etc..

    Your friend has the privacy setting set so that no one can send her a friend request.

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    Feb. 7, 2005
    Lancaster, PA


    Yep, the person has it set up that way. Assuming it is someone you know well and they would probably want to friend you, either ask them in person or send them a FB message or email asking them to add you.

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