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    Default What's up with my fence? Charger issues...

    So, we re-hung our electric fencing today - went from 1/2" tape to bare wire, because we seemed to be losing a lot of charge, we have a 20 mile charger on about 3/4 of an acre.

    Charger clicks and blinks when not connected to the fenceline (still grounded), but once connected to the main fence continues clicking but not blinking. We've checked for obstructions/grounds along the line and found nothing...not even a charge on the wire coming directly from the charger to the fenceline.

    Looking for troubleshooting ideas - we're admittedly not the most electrically inclined and the only thing that was changed is tape to wire. The same wire was used to connect the charger to the tape as is being used now.

    Help! (I also broke the tester - so have been grabbing the wire to test for charge - not fun!)
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    How is your fence grounded?I'm no expert, but I believe lack of ground conductivity can cause issues like you describe. Is your soil frozen in your area this time of year?
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    I suspect the fence wire is grounded/shorted. You don't get a shock when the fence is connected because the charge goes to the path of least resistance.

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    It sounds like your fence is grounding out somewhere.

    Go buy a new tester. Disconnect the fence from the charger. Test the charger while disconnected from the fence to make sure it's working properly. Then connect the fence in increments (you'll have to cut the wire) and keep re-testing both at charger and along fence. This way you can isolate about where the fence is grounding out. Somewhere you've got a bit of wire touching something it shouldn't. I nearly drove myself nuts with a similar situation and checked the fence a million times, only to finally see a tiny spot where the tape was barely touching a metal post. But the key is to check everything in increments. And treat yourself to a decent tester, not the cheap kind but the one that costs about $15.

    And I'm assuming you've got it grounded properly to a copper rod?

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    Dec. 2, 2004
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    Have you connected the ground and hot wires to the correct terminals on the charger?

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    Nov. 6, 2009


    What type of charger is it? The solar chargers often need new batteries. Plus, none of them last forever, sometimes they need repairs or to be replaced. It's so easy for electric fences to be accidentally grounded somewhere along the way, so definitely check that too.

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    Dec. 2, 2009


    Walk the fence line looking at every spot...even leave the charger on to find the short. A few years ago I went through this; turns out on the third time I walked the fence, I found one little spot of bare wire just close enough to arc to the post. Good luck!

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