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    Default good jumping saddle?

    I am new on here and have been reading a couple of the posts on here. I am currently riding western and want to take some jumping lessons with my horse very soon. My horse seems to have more of the build for english then western but we've been trail riding so nothing specific. Anyways, I've got a trainer lined up just need to get my saddle now. I was looking on the dover website and saw a saddle I liked. It seemed to have some good reviews but wanted to see what other people had to say too. It is the Circuit Premier Victory RTF saddle. I'm not sure what size my mare would need but I also have a gelding who I would ride in it too but he's a bit wider than my mare. I saw where you can change the gullet width. Or if anyone knows a better saddle brand, my budget is $2000 total but will need stirrups, leathers and pad too. Any suggestions? Oh I did ride lower level dressage probably about 10ish years ago then went western. I need something more challenging and have always wanted to learn to jump. So figured why not now. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    Personally the Pessoas are a good choice for a first saddle. Remember most trainers will have a saddle for you to borrow the first time, don't waste money if you're not sure you'll continue.

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    I wouldn't spent $$$ on a jumping saddle until you are certain that you want to pursue it regularly. As the other post said, you'll be able to borrow one I'm sure.

    If you do decide to purchase a saddle at some point, the best thing is to just try whatever demo or used saddles you can get your hands on. Jumping saddles definitely need to fit both the horse and the rider. That's true for all saddles really, but is definitely true for jumping saddles. The balance point for jumping saddles are all different and will affect your ability to be in 2-point effectively. In fact, I wouldn't advise buying a jumping saddle until you know how to sit in 2-point effectively so you can tell what works for you. If you have to buy one sooner, you'll need to get a lot of help from your trainer in order to know what is going to work for you.

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    Ill put in a vote for used Stubbens. They're not one of the popular 'in' brands, but the saddles wear like iron and you can get them used pretty inexpensively. The 31cm trees fit a LOT of horses. I think they're a good place to start for a lot of people.

    My favorite model is the Roxane. It's geared toward foxhunting (which I do) so it's got a relatively deep seat and its made for security. I'm 5'5" with long legs and average weight.

    A lot of people think the Siegfried models put them in a chair seat. I don't find that to be an issue as long as my stirrups are short.

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    I would recommend don't settle down anything for less than the best and Pessoas is definitely a choice on an A.
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    With that kind of budget, you could get a very nice used saddle. Easily used within that range, would be something like a Pessoa A/O or Beval Natural, both of which IME fit a pretty decent range of horses.

    However, my recommendation would be to get in touch with the trainer you've arranged lessons with, and ask them if they have a saddle/few saddles you could try out in your first few lessons, to get an idea of what you need to be looking for to fit you and your horses. They'd probably be quite willing to accommodate for the first few lessons, and give their thoughts on saddles they think would work based on what they've had you ride in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyWebber View Post
    I would recommend don't settle down anything for less than the best and Pessoas is definitely a choice on an A.
    There are different kinds of "best." For someone who is just starting to jump, balance of the saddle and fit for both horse and rider are really important (more so than premium leather or an "in" name brand.) If a Pessoa doesn't fit you then its not the best for you.

    If you are going to be jumping both your mare and your gelding and you really decide to stick with jumping, you might be better off buying two less expensive saddles if the two horses are very different fits.

    Don't overlook Courbettes (lower end Steubens) either. I really liked the balance of that saddle and easily overlooked the cheap leather because I finally had a saddle that put me in the correct position. I have an ADT I love now, but the Courbette easily would have been worth the price.

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    Passier..great saddle

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    For a newbie, you can't go wrong with a used Stubben. They are fine for later on as well. They are well made and well balanced and incredibly economical if you buy used.

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    Avoid pessoas like the plague, unless you can find one used. They lose a lot of their resale value right away. I would go for a stubben personally, they are easy to find used an hold their value better. I also think they have better balance, and you will probably find it more comfortable if you have a western and dressage background.
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