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    Quote Originally Posted by mambo9 View Post
    Yes this horse is a freebie...Her vet said the same thing- dealing with a bow is bad enough, but the bow combined with the ankle make it a double whammy...He stated the same thing about the onset of arthritis and recommends surgery to help this horse have a productive life as a pleasure horse.

    It stinks because this horse has such an awesome personality. Her vet thinks he might have had a reaction somehow to the stem cell as she saw the ankle and tendon in july and the ankle was normal.

    Has anyone ever heard of that? She is shaking her head because the horse was on stall rest for 2 months... How could this happen in the stall?

    Anyway, she is going to pass on him as she is weary of operating on him and it not getting better...Hopefully someone would be willing to take a chance on this guy because he is adorable!!
    Agree good choice... free horses are not usually free

    Horses do bad things in their stalls.... one of mine loved to do that. His best injuries were in the stall. But then I turn him out to pasture with 20 horses, he gets beat up but doesn't get injured. Horses will always surprise us.
    The quality of a persons kindness is said to be reflected in the love they show for animals and other creatures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deltawave View Post
    What specific value, exactly, would you be willing to put on x-ray interpretation by laypeople who have never laid eyes on the horse in question? At $0.04/megabyte to upload the pictures with a typical wireless access program I'd say the cost of just uploading the files is more than I'd want to spend getting this sort of input from total strangers. Is this not what vets are paid to do?
    While I agree that it can't be too useful posting on forums and expecting a good diagnosis (though I'm fine with posting x-rays for the heck of it to compare), I just have to ask...

    ...What internet are you using? I don't get charged per MB at all to upload. I could upload 200GB worth of stuff and it wouldn't matter. I've uploaded my dog's x-rays among other things too, and I just have regular old comcast.

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    I didn't know Comcast had wireless access.

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    Tom it's called Infinity Internet2go, but they discontinued it back in August.
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    Her vet thinks he might have had a reaction somehow to the stem cell
    Has anyone ever heard of that?
    BUT it was hearsay
    BUT it was also said by a vet

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