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    Congratulations on your persistence and in finally finding a solution.

    As someone who works in a state university and spends a good bit of time and effort helping incoming students make the adjustment to college, I would mention one issue that has come up with students who graduate HS in these "early college" programs. They arrive at the university with junior standing, with the credits to go right into a major, but very often are not yet sure what they want to major in, nor are they yet mature enough to make a good decision about what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

    It sounds like this may not be an issue in the case of your son--he seems to have an idea already what he wants to go into, and stands a good chance of being ready to tackle upper division courses in his major, when he gets to that point. But it IS something to be aware of. An important element of success at the university level is for the student to have the maturity to deal with the expectations. In my (admittedly, limited) experience with graduates of these programs, this is a serious flaw in them.
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    monstr- definitely something I've thought about. Most of problems have been because he hasn't matured at the "normal" rate and functions as a ten-year-old on an emotional level. Another wonderful part of the program is that they realize they are working with "children going to college" so they know they will need to support them through the transition. Hopefully it's enough. But thankfully because we can read our son so well at this point that we'll realize when things start to get difficult for him and can help him through it.

    As someone suggested, here's a link to the program -

    jetsmom- I am doing fine - really! It's a load off my shoulders knowing we finally have a direction that Sam is excited about. We also have some exciting news of our own. DH bought a house in Kentucky - we close in a few weeks! We sold our land and decided we wanted a house already built. It's in Edmonton, KY, 25 acres with a nearly new 1800 sf ranch and a big old barn. We still won't move until June, 2014 or thereabouts - the money we made on the land will pay the mortgage for that period of time.

    We told our son it was up to him if he wanted to come with us or not. He thinks he'll stay here to go to school (as mentioned - WPI) and we told him we would support him (emotionally and financially) with whatever he wants to do. We're all a pretty happy bunch this coming new year! LOL!
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    FM, I'm so happy for you, your son and your whole family! I don't know if you recall, but I'm the one with the son who threatened suicide when he was 11, so I know so much of what you've been through. The joy you feel when you finally find a solution is just beyond description. Obviously your son is very strong and well loved by his family, and that's a big part of why you are where you are now. You all have much to be proud of for your perseverance!

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    Sounds like some is going down a good path in your lives.
    Very nice to hear you are on your way to some happy times now.

    I really hope others can learn from your troubles and how they are resolving.

    We have one special group here for kids that are dropping from high school to try one more time, but I am not sure it is as well run as those you mention.

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