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    Jun. 7, 2005
    Rochester, NY


    Love my Muck Boots. I had to retire my first pair a couple winters ago after almost 10 years of faithful service. I got the exact same pair again. I spent almost 4 hours doing chores, including kicking in ice in water troughs in knee deep snow on Sunday. My feet stayed bone dry & warm. Love those things.
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    Feb. 2, 2003
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    I've got a pair of Ariat "Iceberg" paddock boots that are waterproof and thinsulate lined-- very warm and good foot support. And, of course, you can ride in them. (not sure if they make them anymore, though--they're several years old).
    The better-quality rubber boots from the farm store are actually pretty warm, with the right socks. In our normal winter temps of 15-25*F, I can wear those for a few hours before my toes get cold, assuming I'm moving around/working.

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    Jun. 30, 2006
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    Another vote for Muck boots. Not only are they warm, but their boot models are the most durable footwear I've ever owned. I wear out shoes and boots like crazy, but I have a pair of the tall Muck boots that have to be about 10 years old now. They are well worn, but still keep my feet warm and dry after many, many, many years of use!
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    Nov. 22, 2005


    I too don't like Muck Boots other than to negotiate muddy pastures. Not nearlywarm enough in really cold weather and I can't wear rubber boots for any length of time-really bother my feet! I second Merrill winter boots of anykind-warterproof and warm and sturdy! I also ahve a pair of Ariat Brossard paddock boots that I love-warm and dry!
    I wish though that we could buy a sturdy boot that doesn't have as deep a tread-I need a hoof pick for myself!

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    Jan. 5, 2010


    Went through a pair of muck boots every season. Got sick of it. Ended up picking up a 25$ or 30$ pair of ozark trail insulated rubber boots at WalMart. They are on their second season now. They're made by our northern neighbors, too...
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    Jan. 21, 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by enigma99 View Post
    My concern with them is that they are loose in the heel area even though they were a size too small.
    Quote Originally Posted by enigma99 View Post
    I also have high maintenance feet & need a lot of support in a shoe/boot.
    Yes, I have found the Bogs don't provide much support. The only winter boots I have found that provide support that are worth it are something like this. I've found boots like these at farm stores. They usually have immense padding, which provides excellent support and warmth, but I don't like them because they usually weigh a ton, and they don't go up as high as the Bogs. I had to hand walk a horse all winter in those before I discovered Bogs and I had buns of steel by the end of 5 months of schlepping through the sand arena!

    Quote Originally Posted by horsepoor View Post
    I have the Bogs Rider Boots that I'm wearing for most of my barn work and they are great boots, but not terrifically warm.
    There are multiple types of Bogs, perhaps these aren't the ones that are comfort-tested to -40? Because I can't imagine anyone not having warm feet in their hard-core boots. I used to stand outside for 30 minutes in sub-zero temps in the Chicago suburbs waiting for trains at 5 in the morning and my feet were toasty. They are actually too warm if it's anywhere above 30.

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    May. 5, 2011


    I like either my Muck boots - I have the Arctic ones that are very warm. I can't wear them if its above freezing or my feet sweat.

    I also like my Ariat Brossards. It was 19F yesterday and my feet were actually kind of hot while I was running around moving horses. They're waterproof and really comfortable.

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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Douglasville, Georgia


    Another Muck Boot fan. Going on 4 years with current pair and you'd never know it.
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    Dec. 28, 2003
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    I have lived in my Dubarrys for the last two years and just love them. Not sure what I will do when we move to a colder area. I am going to hate going back to the big heavy winter boots that I have not had on in 3 yrs.
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    Jul. 15, 2003


    My Muck Boots probably have about 10 years on them, and they look a little ratty but they don't leak and still keep the toes toasty. I have a pair of insulated Ariats (don't remember which model, but not the Brossard) which I use in late fall and early spring, and a pair of Mountain Horse Rimfrost paddock boots for the winter because they keep my feet warm when riding.

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    Mar. 26, 2005
    Back to Normal.. or as close as I'll ever get


    LOL! "High maintenance feet"
    Yup - me too.
    High arch means I need support, and if my feet are not dry & warm, "ain't nobody happy!"

    Although I've been coveting the Bogs for the Cuteness Factor, 2 years ago I lucked into a pair of Timberland hikers ($18 at a Burlington closeout!!) and they are The.Best.Winter.Boots.EVER.

    *They are lightweight and whatever techno-liner material they have is uber-warm while not making my feet sweaty.
    *I've spilled water on them that froze immediately it was so cold out and my feet stayed dry inside.
    *They have stood up to my bootsucking mud w/o coming off my feet.
    *They have withstood my bratty pony tromping on my feet.
    *They lace - no zip to get full of grit & die - but I did up the elasticized laces so I can step into & out of them w/o relacing.
    *They are just now starting to show a bit of wear - no thanks to me, I do nothing to keep them in shape - and I'm hoping some mink oil or other waterproofing treatment will keep them healthy for at least 3 more Winters.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
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