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    Default Bad for business!!!

    I dealt with some "breeders" back in may that had an unstarted 5 yo mare my father wanted to give the benefit if the doubt because he trusts people way too easily. Said horse was dropped off and two weeks into the little experiment I found out why. Contacted them as they had not left papers... they said they would come get her... time went by and they didn't come and then wouldnt answer calls.. this is December and I still don't have her papers...I'm still caring for her... so much for caring about their homebred and where she ended up... same issues from race training have come into play as a riding horse so she really isn't much use.
    that's a moot point at this point.

    Fast forward.. I find out they stood a stallion as a state bred offering in 2012 and he got over a dozen mares in foal. The agent that brokered the original deal for this nicely bred however totally unproven stallion contacted me because the deadline was today for them to pay the state bred money.. mind you they have had all year.. well problem is they don't have the horses papers.. I contacted the trainer that is holding them from a rather large unpaid training bill (not theirs but they knew) and he would release for a sum I was willing to pay along with state fee... they declined (actually didn't return my calls) and wouldn't negotiate. So now the mare owners will find out their babies are not state bred eligible and they had a way to salvage offer was reasonable. For an unproven stallion that now they plan to geld and sell tor riding (although they claim he has soundness issues which preclude him from racing- so I'm not sure how they'll sell a sore gelding.)...what they wanted was to be paid quite handsomely for the time they put into him which to me was more than saving their Rep should warrant....

    Anyways... these two dealings soured me and I hope people check into breeders reps... also when we took the first mare we did call prior trainers and they all said "bad pay"...

    I'm not one to speak badly of people without warrant but these two situations are pretty bad for all involved.. the untattooed unstarted unpapered mare that was abandoned for all intents and purposes and now the owners of the mares that are going to find out they were lied to. I know word of mouth is very important in the racing and horse business butim going to safely say I'm not the only one dealing with these people unhappily.
    Race training and retraining Thoroughbreds.

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    Lots of views. Now how do I draw attention to this and the offenders?
    Race training and retraining Thoroughbreds.

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