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    Aug. 4, 2011

    Default Weatherbeeta blankets with front clips

    I have about 10 Weatherbeeta Orican blankets with the clip front closures. Every single one of the clips has broken, every single one. I have to buy replacement straps for them every year to the tune of $4 per strap.

    Sometimes they break after the fisrt 24 hours of use.

    Has anyone else had luck with these clips not breaking, what am I doing wrong.

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    Jul. 4, 2000


    I have several of these and only one has clip problems. Those clips are very obviously different from those on the newer and older blankets .... thinner, lighter metal. Rather than replacing the entire strap, I replace the clips. I use some halter replacement clips with a screw bar.

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    I haven't had this problem, but my guys aren't too tough on their blankets. My only complaint about those clips is that they are too small to undo with gloves on

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    Feb. 14, 2001
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    Had several clips break on mine, too. Some broke at the U-hook of the snap, but my more recent one (with beefy-looking snaps) broke at the swivel joint; not really broke, so much as "detached." I just tighten the nylon strap and use a double-end snap as a replacement. This has worked quite well for two years.

    The most recent trouble, however, is a broken snap on the (non-replaceable) leg straps. These leg straps are sewn on to the blanket; no inner d-ring to use with a new strap. While I like the elastic/nylon combo (all-elastic stretches like crazy), the snaps on them suck. They're stiff, stuck, nearly impossible to open or close...and now one of them has come permanently "unsprung." In a pinch, I used the underblanket's tail-strap snap to hold the leg strap and tail strap to the appropriate D-rings (it's COLD, my clipped horse is wearing a layer under the Orican). I suppose I need to find a small double-end snap for that one, too... until the weather breaks enough to try and get a new snap stitched on.
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    Dec. 19, 2012


    I've had quite a few snaps break - both leg straps and front snaps. Luckily my blanket has the feature where you can undo the front fastener and slide off the broken clip to replace it with a new one. I use brass single ended snaps, they seem to last forever and are significantly easier to use. And I can manage them with gloves on, too!

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