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    Default Blanketing for a horse that has tied up

    My 11 yr old Morgan mare tied up almost 2 years ago in the winter. We worked her back slowly and she has done well, no more episodes since then. She is on pasture board and always has been, I don't blanket her often at all, only if it is FREEZING and wet or stormy (I'm in VA, but used to live in CT and barely blanketed there either). The Vet recommended that I blanket her when it is cold and wet to limit the chance of her tying up from shivering. I asked them again when they came out for spring shots to see if I should continue this from now on - they said yes. Has anyone had experience with a horse that has tied up? What kind of blanketing do you do? She seems comfortable even when it is chilly and windy and she has a run-in in her paddock.
    If it was your horse, would you blanket if its windy too? I don't want to over blanket because she isnt used to it, and I also worry about flattening her coat....
    I appreciate all suggestions Thanks!
    \"A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart and wins with his character\"

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    I have one like this too. I like to keep those big back and butt muscles warm.

    In the winter he is out all day, in at night. He's pretty woolly and we ride all winter so he has a blanket clip--so all the hair is still on his quarters. He wears a midweight blanket through the cold and snowy months, and always a rain sheet in spring and fall if it is wet out--he does not appreciate getting rained on, and my feeling is that being cold and wet and shivery wouldn't do him any good at all.

    I don't worry about flattening his hair if he's wearing a blanket. Because he's wearing a blanket...

    A decent modern midweight blanket is permeable and waterproof. He stays very comfortable in it.

    I'm in a cold, dry but snowy climate now, but I used to live in lovely Brewster, just down the road from you, and this worked perfectly fine there, too.

    I have heavy weight blankets, but I find them a bit too much here unless you've got a clipped horse living outside.

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