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    Default Bone spur in the fetlock - options?

    Posting for a friend who wants thoughts as to her options for a recently diagnosed bone spur in her OTTB's fetlock. Here is her synopsis:
    He has been head nodding lame at the trot off and on since I got him in March. Sometimes only slightly, but other time severe enough to stop riding him for a few days. We tried ice, DMSO, rest, Surpass etc. He would get better but then start head nodding again. Little or no pain on flexion but radiographs show a bone spur in his fetlock. We injected the joint and are waiting a couple weeks to see the results. If the injection works, he will need one every 6 months to a year for maintenance. Vet says he probably won't be able to jump any more without compromising his useful life. I’m looking for any other ideas to help him stay sounder going forward. Has anyone had any luck with any particular supplements, homeopathic remedies or physical therapy?

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    Well, a bone spur may eventually break off, causing a chip which could then be removed. It can even possibly be shaved down before it chips - but she would have to discuss surgery options with her vet. Supplements or homeopathic remedies won't fix a bone spur... so aside from surgery, I think the only thing she can really do is inject as needed and limit his workload to something that he can comfortably handle.

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