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    Apr. 5, 2012

    Default I'm getting so restless...

    School's out for christmas break and I'm bored out of my mind. It was fine the first few days, but after christmas its been going downhill. I go to the barn every day and I'm there for at least a couple of hours, but when I get home I have nothing else to do. I sit in front of the computer all. day. long. Which worked out for a few days, but now I'm just restless. I planned on having a friend come over but she got sick and so did her parents so that was a no-go . I hate being bored and feeling restless because then my anxiety starts flaring up cause I have nothing to keep me occupied or stimulated. I'm fine at the barn (go figure lol). I'm just worried my anxiety's only going to get worse...which would be bad. Halp. Any ideas to keep myself busy until school starts up again? I don't have my license and my parents aren't too keen on driving me all over so things I can do at home are much appreciated.
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    Jun. 9, 2012


    Read a book. Read several books
    Read all of Jane Austen.
    Bake something every day.
    Take over the cooking.
    Take over the housecleaning.
    Write a story.
    Draw a picture.
    Organize the family photos.
    Do you have a sewing machine? Make a saddle pad.

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    Sep. 16, 2006


    I'm still recovering from my last term. I did spend a few days sorting out all my school work from last term and putting it in binders, etc. I also re-organized my desk and workspace area, set up my white board (I have the next four months blocked off so i can write in all my school assignments and due dates), and bought all my new textbooks for next term.

    Also, during the term I make a list of everything i want to do but can't, then I go through it all during holidays. I've already re-watched season 1 and 2 of Trueblood, all three seasons of Arrested Development, and seasons 1-5 of the Big Bang Theory. Re-read all the Games of Thrones book, am currently reading Atlas Shrugged, and have done 3 hiking trails that I had wanted to do all fall term. I suggest you start a list when you're busy with school next term so you can cross things off during holidays. It's amazing how things can bother you so much or you want to do something so badly when you can't because of school work...then as soon as you have the time, all of a sudden things aren't half as appealing.

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    Jan. 26, 2010


    Ah, as a teacher I have the same problem. I sleep for a week, and then I need things to do. I've spent a lot of time at the barn, too.

    I leave all of the big projects I need to do for time off. One thing is cleaning and organizing. Whether it's your room or the whole house, go through EVERYTHING, clean and organize. I just did a vacuum with the hose of all of the "corners" where you never get dust and got the dust bunnies out of the closet. You'd be amazed how much builds up in drawers, and how much you can go through and donate.

    And I still NEED to on this break start scanning family photos and get them on a site and share with the family. Just taking my photos and organizing them
    into categories on my computer is a job.

    Build something. I love building stuff, or fixing things. Just going through all of the clothes and socks and doing the little sewing repairs is a big chore. Oh yeah, that reminds me, there is always tack to fix. Dental floss, needle, and a pair of pliers and you can fix a lot.

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