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    Default Yes there is hope...

    My first husband "Sam" (we were long divorced, but on good terms) had a partner for maybe ten years till he died at age 48 of a heart attack. We had accepted her as a "step mom" to my daughter, nice woman. After Sam's death, she met a nice man, "Jim" in a bereavement group. Ended up marrying him and brought him to family events. His OWN family turned against him for re-marrying. We accepted him as an extra grandpa for my grandchildren.

    Life can take some strange turns.

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    Yes, there is always hope. I am divorced and widowed, and remarried (I always say, 'I don't date, I just marry'. ) And I have many, many widowed friends who are recoupled, some married, some not (marriage can really interfere with necessary benefits for some). Really great relationships can happen and often do!

    Don't worry about a 'time frame', either. Mine happened before the magical 'year' was up, a lot of people got their panties in a wad about it, but you know what? It is my life, my decisions. That was twelve years ago, now everyone thinks our story is wonderful (he is also widowed), but at the beginning... not so much.

    All the best to you, and the rest of us out there like you. Life is short, seize the happiness!
    We're spending our money on horses and bourbon. The rest we're just wasting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freebird! View Post
    Sorry - I forgot that if I don't post every single detail, it will bring on the wrath of the COTH Fact Police! I would scan my Marriage licences, Divorce decree, and death cert, but....I have NO idea how any of that is at all relevant to this thread.......So, for those, who seem confused...

    So, [generally speaking] is there hope after being a widow - or divorcee? [or both of course!] If so, how did you and your spouse meet? [after said divorce, death, kidnapping, whatever]

    I DO hope that cleared things up a bit!
    Well handled.
    "Those who know the least often know it the loudest."

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    Of course there's hope! My Aunt was widowed at a relatively young with 2 kids in college and one in HS. She finished raising them, worked, participated in civic groups, social groups and enjoyed her life. 30 years after my uncle died, she learned a the wife of a couple she and her husband had known when their kids were in grade school was very ill. She began visiting and helping so her husband could take a break from being her caregiver. After a year, the wife died. My Aunt and the widower started a real friendship and a year after that they got married. My Aunt was 83 and my new uncle was 85! That was three years ago and it was one of the nicest weddings I've ever attended.

    My Aunt was not "looking" for another man. She was happy in her life. When the time is right for you, and your heart is ready, you will meet the right man.
    ~Kryswyn~ Always look on the bright side of life, de doo, de doo de doo de doo
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