I'll be starting Body for Life program - a healthy eating/exercise program I had great success with when we moved out of state. Looking back at all of the many diets and programs I have done, it was by far my most successful, probably because of the intense weight training which my body needs to burn off the fat% I carry...even though I don't look fat, and I am small, my BF is around 29%. Also doing it in conjunction with reaching my riding goals (need more strength!) and energy levels as well. I've got the exercise/cardio part down but need muscle and healthier eating. I love the recipes and food (things like turkey meatloaf), good carbs are allowed - even potatoes, LOL and there is a cheat day, however when I did have candy or sweets on cheat day, I felt awful...so I ended up cheating with healthier foods Has anyone else here done BFL? I did two 12 week rounds but after a few yrs have slipped back so I will be recommitting!

For those of you making or who did make NY Resolutions, I'd love to hear if you stuck with them and HOW you stuck with them? What were your resolutions that you stuck with?