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    Default Saddles that fit the rider similar to...

    Wolfgang Solo?

    I LOVE the wolfgang solo. My lovely BO let me try out hers with the buffalo leather. However, they're quite difficult to find used, and I know there's lots of models with big blocks and a deep seat. I also prefer a shorter flap, and a 17.5" seat.

    Any suggestions to look at? Ideally, I'd like to end up at $2500 (the cost of the wolfgang without buffalo) or less, and prefer used..

    My local saddle fitter lists a 17.5" Amerigo with a short flap on her site, but no idea what model it is...


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    Aug. 22, 2005


    IMO the Amerigo does not ride at all like the Wolfgang Solo. If you've found something you love, why not buy that? The buffalo is lovely but it's not so bad in calf leather either.
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    I just sold mine- with the Buffalo, 17 1/2 long blocks for $2700. I did buy it used after a tireless search. You are right, they are very hard to find used but they are out there. I found mine on a national Craigslist search. There are a few now at some used tack shops. Google like crazy...
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    sent you a PM. Just went through saddle he**.

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    Look for a used one - they are out there, and your budget is reasonable. Call Custom Saddlery and let them know you are looking - sometimes their fitters have used saddles on the truck.

    I know of a 17 inch one that is available for well under your budget.

    Agree, the Amerigo is NOTHING like the Solo. I found the Amerigo to have a very different balance - didn't work for me at all!

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