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    Default What would you "Ask The Judge"?

    Going to be doing a small, local, hour long "Ask The Judge" open house at a tack store in the near future.

    What sorts of questions would you want to "ask the judge"?

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    One that seems to be asked often: Would you rather see a clean add or a sloppy making the strides?
    .אני יכול לעשות הכל על ידי אלוהים

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterrider23 View Post
    One that seems to be asked often: Would you rather see a clean add or a sloppy making the strides?
    On the same note, do you really care exactly how many strides a small/medium pony gets in the children's? I don't have any kids/ponies in the show ring, but this is something I've heard from people and always wondered who gives a hoot what a children's pony hunter (especially the smells and mediums and the weird sized ones) get in the lines. Doesn't seem important to me.

    I'd also like a judges opinion on "handiness", what would they like to see more of? Less of? What's something they feel gets forgotten about in the name of handiness?

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    I think the primary audience will be local schooling show/lower level showing.

    That's a great question about the adds. Lines are generally set at 72' for the lower level shows, so a quiet add is less risky than a gun and run. Courses are usually quarter line vertical, diagonal, outside line, diagonal, outside line. The handy courses usually involve one roll back from the outside line to the diagonal, so nothing fancy at this level.

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    I would ask about what he looks for in a hack class, a lot of times at schooling shows I see people not knowing what to do in the hack and blaming judges for poor judging instead of realizing poor riding.

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