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    Default Stupid Snow!

    I am writing this from a shelter. I havent had power or heat since Friday evening. My town got the worst of the power outages - 80% at the start and still 60% today. Slept in front of the fireplace which was my only source of heat last night. It was 5 degrees outside but I managed to keep in above 40 inside. However I was running out of dry firewood! Word from neighbor with connections was no power until Sunday afternoon at the earliest - maybe Monday.
    Nice neighbor with big snowblower cleared most of my driveway but couldnt get through the glacier the plows had created at the end. Finally I managed to flag down a plow guy and he cleared the end for $10!
    So I put supplies and dogs in car and headed for the Middle School where I work - which is also an emergency shelter. The roads were horrible and it took quite a while and gritted teeth to travel the three miles.
    On the bright side, I could bypass the gym full of cots and the dogs in a separate area which the shelter offers. I brought them down to my classroom where we are now and will stay until roads and power improve.
    I thought Sandy was bad, but being without power and cold is way worse! Two major power outages in the 17 years I have owned my house - Sandy and Nemo!
    And now they are talking about sleet tomorrow!
    Usually I enjoy a good snowstorm, but losing power sure changes things!

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    Ouch! Glad that you had a place to go with your dogs.

    I have 3 really nice pac n go cots from our 4-H w/ kids yrs (used to 'try' to sleep at the state fair) they come in handy frequently. I keep one in the trunk of my car. They make overnighting easy in a pinch.

    Old memory of mine - got stuck at a truckstop in Canada during a blizzard for 2 days! The roads were 100% closed. Interesting crowd - the card games got wild and crazy! We had a case of beer in the car, made friends fast. They ran out of food day2. Was glad to finally get back out headed home.
    The truth is what you can get other people to believe.

    -- Tommy Smothers

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    Hang in there. Losing power for an extended period in a storm is my biggest fear here, as we have no wood stove. I always try to keep extra gas around for the generator. We regularly see temps in the -10F to -25F for extended periods in the winter; I figure that could get dangerous real quick.
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