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    Default anyone else's dog prefer the dark

    My 4 yr old dog lives in the bedroom while we're at work - she along with a special needs kittty that we keep separate from our other cats. She can get on our bed (she has 3 dog beds on our king bed). She can see out our window (street level) & has various toys to keep her occupied for the 8 hours we're gone. Instead of hanging in the plush bedroom, she spends her day in our dark bathroom - no lights, no windows. I'm wondering if she considers our bathroom to be her den? She never goes in there when we're home. Should I put a bed in the bathroom? Should I leave the light on? I mean I really don't care what she does, but I feel badly that she hangs out all day in the dark. How do I know she's in there - my crazy husband set up a camera when we stopped crating her - to make sure she wasn't picking on the special needs kitty. Soon after we leave, she goes in the bathroom. Is it normal for her to want to be in the dark?

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    I'd just put a bed in there. A lot of dogs have a pretty strong denning instinct. I'd just assume she wants to either be on a cool surface (my dogs like to sleep on the bathroom floor when they're hot) or she wants to be in a smaller, dark space.

    My old Border collie loved sleeping in his plastic crate when I wasn't home. I took the door off of it so he could come and go as he pleased, but most of the time when I came home he was coming from his crate to greet me. He had the option of sleeping on any sofa or bed, but often chose his crate when no one was home.

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    Have you ever had her eyes checked?

    I'd want to know if it's just behavioral or if there is something going on in the eye that is causing pain when the pupil contracts.

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