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    Default Trailer inspection in PA?

    Does anyone know what all is checked for a horse trailer inspection in PA? I'm assuming all lights have to work, brakes (and breakaway brake) needs to be in good order, and tires must pass tread depth. What else?

    I just bought an old trailer. It's in good shape overall; I'm going to be redoing the brakes and replacing the breakaway brakes before even taking it in for inspection. Lights all work, and I'm debating replacing the tires. There is some surface rust (mainly on the roof), but all structural rust issues are being taken care of before it even comes home; however, it's probably not going to be rust-free. The floor is in very good shape.

    How particular are they in PA re: inspections?
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    Check your battery for the breakaway. If your tires are even questionable, replace them as a matter of safety, whether PA requires you to or not. Tire must not have dry rot according to the state of PA. Many people don't realize if you have a blowout with a horse trailer tire, you run a huge risk of taking out the fender as well.

    The level of pickiness about state inspection depends on who you take the trailer to for inspection. I prefer them to be as strict as possible, especially because this is a SAFETY inspection and I am hauling horses.

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    I take my trailer to a garage that does big trucks-the heavy coal buckets so common in these parts! Those guys know what is needed for saftey and keeping things in order! Inspection pickiness all depends on where you take your trailer and how cranky the cop is who stops you! I prefer my inspection to be picky so I get it all right and safe!

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