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    BO is very knowledgeable and can usually take care of almost anything without calling in a vet, but also knows when to call one
    I'd rate this pretty high, not many barns have someone on 24/7 that is actually in this category.

    --Turn-out has gone downhill. Used to be 8-10 hours/day, now it’s 4 hours/day.
    --2 of my 3 are getting very hot/anxious due to lack of turnout and cribber has gotten worse with cribbing because of it
    Have you discussed this with your BO?

    BO does not regularly keep up with the joint supplement I buy the old guy
    Have you considered moving to Adequan etc injections instead & just have the vet out regularly?

    nor the digestive supplement I bought for special needs girl
    Does the supplement actually make her feel better? or just you
    if she's been fine for 2.5 years, chances are she'll be fine for the next several months...

    BO is very into natural meds, so no regular worming (I have to buy it/do it)
    Easy enough to do
    (read some papers on the efficacy of dewormers vs just keeping paddocks etc clean)

    BO doesn’t mind that 1 of my horses cribs
    Depending on your area, this may be a bigger issue than you expect.

    it’s depressing not to see them more often
    I’m struggling with this because *I miss them* so much and feel like I’m about to break without them closer to me. Plus, if something really bad were to happen, I’m SO far away
    This is important, so start looking for someplace closer to home - even if you end up just moving one of them initially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottagrey View Post
    If you have a horse w/ colic history I'm surprised it's getting less turnout as its turnout that keeps their guts in check
    I completely agree. This is why it's weighing on me. The mare didn't colic as much during the first two years or so that we were there. Then turn-out schedules changed because BO got more horses in, but started using one of the existing pastures for her Alpacas only (used to be horses turned out there, too). So, more horses + less pastures = not as much turn-out. Now this fall/winter during the weather changes was a colic-fest. Is it because of less turn-out, or more about the wacky weather changes? I can't imagine the lack of turn-out is helping at all with the situation.

    Also, I'll have to look up that movie - I've never heard of it, but sounds good.

    Crockpot - You're so right about the research and references.

    Alto - Great food for thought! Thank you so much. You're very right - I don't have it bad at the place we're at. Nor do my horses. It's mainly the distance (and all the complications that come with it) that are irking me - with the newest addition of the lessened turn-out and supplement thing.

    Btw, BO used to give the supplement consistently. It seems the longer we've boarded there, the longer it takes for the same size container to be used up. And she's mentioned to me that she used to use the scooper (that comes inside of my old guy's supplement container) but didn't see the point, because a handful is the same size. ???? I said the scooper's right there inside the container - and you can make sure to give him the same amount every time if she uses it. She said she knows how much to give him and it's the same as a handful. I got thrown for a loop with that one. Didn't engage it at that moment because I fear I may've lost my temper. But I plan to bring it up to her again, calmly but assertively.

    In keeping with one of Alto's comments (maybe moving 1 horse at first), I contacted the farm that looked promising yesterday. They require lessons on each horse you bring there. That's excellent - for my riding horse. But my old man is usually only sound for Walk/Trot, somedays not even, and one of my horses is not started under saddle yet (she's long 2/coming 3). So, that means my special needs mare would be the one to move there *if* I decide to go there. BO said she wouldn't have anything available until Spring anyway. So, I have plenty of time to do more research and decide what I'd like to do here.
    Last edited by ClassyRide; Dec. 28, 2012 at 09:03 AM. Reason: Just saw Alto's response, plus I contacted a barn

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    Alto asked quite a few questions, so let me try to answer them all.

    Quote Originally Posted by alto View Post
    Have you discussed this with your BO?
    That was re: turn-out. I have dropped many hints, but you bring up a great point - I should speak with her more directly about it to be sure there's nothing more that can be done. Every time I drop hints, I get nowhere. Typical example of such a convo:

    Me: "Have these guys been turned out the last couple of days? They sure are full of themselves."
    BO: "Yes, they were out for 3 or 4 hours yesterday."
    Me: "Really? I know [old guy] likes to be out for quite a while, and I'm sure [baby horse] could use as much time out as possible to run off some steam."
    BO: "But [special needs girl] doesn't like to be out very long. She's always at the gate waiting when I come to bring them in."

    And I get no further with her.

    Quote Originally Posted by alto View Post
    Have you considered moving to Adequan etc injections instead & just have the vet out regularly?
    For a long time the joint supplement was working wonders for him. It has only been more recently that he's been having trouble, and I have to wonder if it's because of the inconsistent supplementation. Although, joint injections would certainly take that factor out of the equation - and who knows. Maybe he's aged enough that the supplement isn't enough. So, I will contact my vet to inquire about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by alto View Post
    Does the supplement actually make her feel better? or just you
    if she's been fine for 2.5 years, chances are she'll be fine for the next several months...
    As far as I can tell, the supplement does make her feel better - because she holds great weight when she's on it and doesn't seem to colic as much. When she's not on it, she's a very hard keeper and seems to colic more. The inconsistency with the mare's supplement is a different situation than the old guy. BO only gives mare her supplement when she's not looking good and I insist. Once she gets to a good weight again, she stops the supplement. Mare loses weight, and BO starts trying other things to put weight on her (like beet pulp) that sometimes help some, but not as much as the supplement. I show up with more supplement and ask her to give it to mare. After a short time, mare starts to improve and BO (I guess) doesn't see the connection, thinking it's all the other things she did in the meantime that put it back on.

    Sorry - I'm sort of venting now, which is not what I wanted to do. Just trying to convey the difference in thinking that she and I have. Mainly, I think I need to have a serious sit down with her on a few subjects. Who knows - maybe that will fix things, maybe it won't. But then I will have at least tried. BO is a VERY sweet person and cares for my "kids" as if they were her own - I think that's both the blessing and the curse here, because sometimes I get the feeling that she thinks she knows better than me... But at the end of the day, they're my horses. Perhaps I can convey that to her through a sit-down.

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