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    Nov. 26, 2012

    Default Horse show fashion

    I used to love these threads so I figured i'd start a new one. Trends don't seem to be as typical as they were a couple/few years ago but something is always "in style". What are some things that you think are essential to own in a semi materialistic way, things you see other people wear, trends, fashion both on and off the horse at a horse show, and then some trends that you can't quite stand. Also interesting to see the difference between the east and the west coast.

    For instance right now my favorite items on the horse would be TS Trophy breeches, don't think you can ever go wrong with them, Pikeur Prisca breech, Parlanti, EIS Shirts. And off the horse I would have to say any typical pair of jeans with a polo, sperrys, and a hat just about all year round. Some trends that I can't quite stand would be the Hermes Constance belt that everybody and their best friend must have, they're so cliche . When I first saw them they were great but so over exposed now! Similar to the Louis Vuitton belt that every 15 and under needed a few years ago. Personally I dislike the KEP helmet. The animo coats, although I love their breeches.

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    Jun. 20, 2012
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    Likes: Ts, Pikeurs, EIS, wrap collars, piping on jackets, the leather sock look boot
    Dislikes: KEP helmets (Cannot stand them), Basically anything animo (I used to have a jacket, but I looked like a cased sausage and gave it up), The Wellington Pilgrimage (don't these horses get any time off?).

    West coast kind of (more like mid south)

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    Can't wait for winter circuits to get rolling and we can see all the latest from the vendors! Really hoping for a show shirt revolution this year and maybe more sporty/athletic (but still conservative) coats in the hunter ring.
    Dislikes- Animo blingy, unflattering) Essex wrap collars (gross, stinky polyester!). Hoping the Speed Air hangs around for a while or a lot of people are going to be buying new helmets, haha.

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    Not crazy about the Animo jackets, but I do hope we see some more companies come out with traditional jackets in techno fabrics with mesh linings that aren't bank-breakers. (Although I given that it's 20 degrees here, I'll stick with my regular coats for the time being.)

    I think we'll see a renaissance in show shirts too—more of the EIS-style shirts or shirts like the Albanese with the magnetic collar (LOVE).

    Love the Samshield helmets and I think we'll see a lot more of them this year. I think the Speed-Airs will stick around too.

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    Jun. 26, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by goldcoast View Post
    Some trends that I can't quite stand would be the Hermes Constance belt that everybody and their best friend must have, they're so cliche . When I first saw them they were great but so over exposed now! .

    My sister always used to get Hermes products from our family because her name starts with an "H"... I kind of liked the Constance belt on her because I knew that it wasn't about the brand, but that our family had given my H sister something with H.
    But I don't think she would have ever bought it for herself

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