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Tha Ridge think about it....Why would Parlanti manufacture off-the-rack boots, investing tons of $$$ in their stock, only to make them "too short" so that customers are forced to buy custom boots? Does that really make sense? I don't think so!! And let's think about this.....If buyer feedback was such that the boots really are too short...Parlanti would respond by adjusting their manufacturing! Instead people love these boots and snap them up! And no, I'm certainly not a rep! I just happen to have two pair and love them! As do many of my friends!!
Considering that my friend couldn't even get a response from the rep who sold her her boots after the purchase (when she had an issue), I'd say no, they wouldn't respond by changing their manufacturing practices, since they can't even answer a phone.

And it absolutely makes sense that they'd make them too short. Scenario is something like this: go see Luca or whoever at WEF, try on a bunch of pretty $900 boots that look great but are an inch too short, and then next thing you know, you've dropped $2k because you assume off-the-rack boots won't fit you.