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    What drives me, and a couple of friends, crazy, "Come this way, you guys." "Are you guys ready to order?"

    And then yesterday I heard a TV newswoman reporting from the road, say back to the studio, "Well, you guys, (blah, blah, blah)..."

    Don't mind youngsters, or using it informally, or around the house, but at a nice restaurant, or in a professional setting? Screee....nails on chalkboard...
    Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Malcolm Forbes

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    Wow. Some of you seem to think the world thinks about you a lot more than it does!

    I put myself through college as a waitress. I can tell you that hostesses and waiters were not judging you because there was only one or two of you. They are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too busy to waste time on that sort of thing! Doing a good job as a waiter or even hostess isn't easy, which is why it is done so badly much of the time.

    Here is what my thoughts were like as I worked:

    *Table 7 is trying to catch my eye - they need something. I'll nod in acknowledgement, but first I have to get to the kitchen and get the dinners for table 5, which are ready to go.
    *Serve table 5 - remember who gets what without looking at order. Glance at the board to see if any other of my dinners are ready for pickup.
    *See table 6 out of the corner of my eye - they look finished. I'll get to them after I finish laying the food for table 5, making sure table 5 doesn't need anything now. Oh, table 5 wants crushed peppers - I'll get them on the way to find out what table 7 wants, not forgetting that table 6 looks finished.
    *Table 7 wants coffee. Go get it, at the same time getting
    water for newly seated table 1. See if table 1 wants something to drink, then head to table 7 with the coffee, heading on to table 6 see if they are finished. If so, pick up plates and see if they'd like dessert or something more to drink. They want their check.
    *Breathe. Take table 6 their check. Walk slowly down the aisle to see if anyone wants to catch my eye. Oh, the child at table 2 spilled food and silverware on the floor. Get rag to clean it up as well as new silverware.
    *Go to table 1 to get their order as they have (probably) had enough time to figure it out.
    *Table 3 and 4 look good, but I'll walk by to see if they need something. Oh, my light goes on the board so my dinners for table 4 are ready. Go to kitchen to pick them up, being nice to chef (always be nice to chef!)

    And so on and so forth for 6 to ten hours, depending on schedule.

    No time or interest in whether your love life sucks...

    As a hostess, my thoughts were: Looks like a party of two, but don't know. My go-to line was, "Hi! Welcome to -------! How many in your party tonight?" Then I'd think: Hmmm, station 4's turn but she only has that table for 6 available, so next in line is station 1 and I'll seat these folks at that booth. Gotta remember that station 4 is owed a party now. Great - a party of five just walked in, probably good for that station 4 table for 6. "Hi! Welcome to -----! How many in your party tonight?"

    Oh, gotta take the check from that customer (or waiter, however it is done at that restaurant). Give change. Gotta remember to balance all the checks against the register receipts before I go home...Customers coming in the door.

    Again, no time or inclination to judge your life.

    I'd recommend that you stop judging yourselves, cuz very few other people are bothering to.

    Last edited by prairiewind2; Dec. 27, 2012 at 04:50 PM.

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    This thread falls under the category of First World Problems.

    Lighten up some, toughen up some and be kind to each other.

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    When I was 15 and got my first real job as a hostess, the owner once scolded me for saying "Just (1, 2, etc)?" He told me it makes people feel bad or awkward, and I should always say "Party of (however many people were standing in front of me)?" and let them correct me if more were coming.

    How right he was, it seems.
    The best is yet to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by axl View Post
    Oh, in that case SillyHorse of course they pitied you. There's nothing sadder than 2 friends having an evening out
    You are sounding ridiculous. Of course there's nothing sad about two friends having a night out.

    Quote Originally Posted by axl View Post
    I'm with arabhorse2. Everyone should have to wait tables for a week.
    Another incorrect assumption, at least about me. For way more than a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Linny View Post
    Those martingales were so taut, you could play Ode to Joy on them with a comb

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartAlex View Post
    I can one-up you Bluey. Try this one:

    "Just me and my imaginary friend Ralph. He thinks you're cute BTW"
    Bwahahaha, that is funny!!! People, people settle down, my knickers aren't in a knot over the "just" I'm simply saying it's a pet peeve. Why use the extra word? Especially when that word can portray a negative tone.

    And for the record, I was a cocktail waitress years ago. I understand serving cracked people.
    "All top hat and no canter". *Graureiter*

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    Quote Originally Posted by fooler View Post
    I have resisted the temptation to say "we left my imaginary friends in the car tonight" just to see their reaction.

    Agree that trying to take my plate as soon as I put the fork down is irritating.
    Really irritating when they bring the main course, then return in 5 minutes to ask if we want dessert. I get tired of telling them to allow me to finish my meal, THEN I will think about dessert. UGH!
    I've just accepted that there must be a plate shortage for the wait staff to have to pick them up so quickly.

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