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    Quote Originally Posted by Heinz 57 View Post
    Lex, I love ya...but on behalf of Mr. Heinz, I gotta say - a Marine is never a soldier.

    Carry on.
    Apparently they do not care for being told they are pretty either. That doesn't stop me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackandMo View Post
    I love how Louis has one hash mark, a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, and no rank. And he is wearing an unauthorized helmet in dress blues. LMAO

    Oh, they're getting clever.
    This guy claims to ride at Ram Tap in CA? The Vice President of the U.S. Cavalry Association events there regularly. I'll ask him if he knows this guy.

    As to the helmet, it might be OK. I wear one sometimes when I compete in Navy Service Dress Blue. Navy Uniform Regs permit helmets (and gloves, boots, and chaps) when riding a motorcycle. I figure since the horse is one of the lineal antecedants of the motorcycle it's OK for me to wear them when astride.

    Navy Regulations say that a person honorably discharged may wear their uniforms under certain circumstances (weddings, funerals, patriotic celebrations, etc.). The same basic rules apply to me as a retiree. Competing at the National Cavalry Competition is within the rules as a patriotic event; riding with the local hunt would be out of bounds except, maybe, if a hunt event were to have a specific, patriotic theme (honoring veterans, that sort of thing).

    Navy Regs. further state that if you wear the uniform you must wear it correctly. That would mean having all appropriate awards, rank insignia, etc.

    I'd bet money that Marine Corps Regs. track Navy Regs. on this subject (excpet that the Marines do have a Mounted Uniform authorized while the Navy does not).

    A pox on poseurs.

    Mangalarga Marchador: Uma Raça, Uma Paixão

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    He competed once at Ram Tap and I think that's his only attempt at Eventing. There are YouTube vids of his ride on his family member's channels. He lives a few hours North of where Ram Tap was located, in Sebastopol, near the coastline.
    Thus do we growl that our big toes have, at this moment, been thrown up from below!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliCat View Post
    Apparently they do not care for being told they are pretty either. That doesn't stop me!
    Soldier = Army.

    I think "pretty" is universally disliked by guys everywhere, uniform or no.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
    lies with in us. - Emerson

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    Yup, a Marine is a Marine. Never a soldier.
    They're high and mighty for a reason...there's a reason they're the Few and the Proud.

    Unless he's a private on his second enlistment or was NJPed...his uniform REQUIRES the rank being shown.
    His medals are on wrong.
    His salute is a mess.
    He has the forearm stripe that indicates he re-enlisted. But no rank.
    You jump in the saddle,
    Hold onto the bridle!
    Jump in the line!

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