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    Both your GP and eye doctor. ENT would be a good idea too. Neuro referral maybe later on if nothing can be found, but I'd definitely start with GP and eye doctor and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beentheredonethat View Post
    My sinuses were just like that. No other symptoms except headaches that were killing me. I tried doing the nasal thing where you put salt water through, and they weren't blocked and no snot. They just were swollen and hurt. I could almost feel the swelling from allergies.
    Ditto this. I get a lot of sinus pressure from allergies or weather changes. Seems that if I take a Zyrtec most days then I have very few issues with the headaches. It feels like it's behind/above my eyes and my eyes feel sort of dry or heavy. Definitely understand the feeling of having your eyeballs about to pop out of your head! LOL If I get out of the habit of taking them or if I'm around a lot of mold (allergy trigger of mine) then I'll have a few days where I feel headache-y.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milocalwinnings View Post
    For the past two months, I've been having problems with headaches and eye pressure (above/behind my eye it feels like). The headaches are often worse late morning/early afternoon. Ibuprofen helps but a lot of days the headache/eye pressure is pretty bad and I will try and sleep it off. Also, for the past 1.5 years or so, my eyes have been twitching intermittently. Sleep, caffeine (or lack there of), potassium, stress levels, etc seem to have no impact on this.

    I've called both my GP and my eye doctor. GP says I should make an appointment with him, eye doctor says no, I should see him.

    Any ideas? Or should I just suck it up and go to both?

    If you don't want to go to see a doctor, make a food diary. Write down everything you consume (including meds) for a week. Make notations where the pressure/headache occurs, is the worst, reoccurs, etc. Then eliminate things and see if the headache (or other symptoms you weren't really conscious of) is lessened.

    This is how I discovered I had mild food allergies. I went the route of seeing doctor's that easter egged the solution and receiving meds that abated the symptoms but didn't solve the problem. A friend suggested the food diary, mostly for nutritional purposes, and I stumbled upon how much wheat I was eating and when I was having a reaction to what I'd consumed. (Rather than the mindset I had a chronic sinus infection that gave me headaches and pressure, to the point of making my teeth ache too.) I also was having eye twitches, but didn't pay attention to that as a symptom, thinking only 'infection'. I cut wheat out and the inflammation (pressure) decreased in my whole system. The headaches stopped. Nerve canals and sensitive tissues resume their normal size. No more eye twitches, teeth aching, joint aching. Small stuff I didn't pay attention to bothering me went away too, like my vision clearing up. I just assumed I needed glasses, not that my ocular nerves were getting pinched.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't go see a doctor, but analyzing what you're eating might help pinpoint the problem.
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    I too have developed odd food allergies so I am occasionally having weird aches and pains as a result of eating something I normally eat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milocalwinnings View Post
    I am still on my parent's insurance since I'm still in school, and it's very good, so I can go to both if need be. I just hate the eye doctor lol.
    You don't mention if you wear glasses or contacts.

    It's not uncommon for young students to experience changes in vision when studying intensifies in college. I'd start with a good opthomologist and go from there.
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    Hmm... maybe I should start back up with doing the MyFitnessPal daily diet journal. It would help track what I eat and help hopefully lose a few lbs...

    I always have aches and pains somewhere but I always just assumed I was accident prone

    Go Fish: I do wear glasses/contacts. I wear glasses about once a week and the rest of the time I wear Gentle Molding contacts (wear them while sleeping, take them out during the day and you have corrected vision for ~24 hrs).
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    I suffer from frequent migraine headaches, and my treatment has been a team effort.

    Go to an Opthamologist (NOT optometrist - they're only good for glasses and such) to make sure its not something with your eyes. Then go to your GP and/or an ENT. Still no relief? See a neurologist.

    I talk to my GP about my terrible migraines every time I see him, but he's not really involved in the day to day treatment of them. I see a neurologist every 6-12 months (used to be more frequently than that, but have cut down as the headaches have become less frequent) and get an MRI at least once every couple years to make sure there are no changes, and to get "the good drugs."

    I go to the eye doctor 2x/year, because I have glaucoma in my medical history and a "wonky optical nerve" that my opthamologist wants to keep an eye on (pun intended, I'm sure - he's a bit kooky).

    Even my gyno knows whats up - for a while we thought they were hormonal.

    All my doctors are aware of the treatments I receive from the others, and my specific medical history with all of them. I'm sure my eye doctor doesn't REALLY care about me being at my GP's office with bronchitis, but I'm all about keeping everyone in the loop about everything.

    TL;DR - You'll probably have to go to ALL your doctors to get a consensus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stolen virtue View Post
    I have psuedo tumor and see a opthamologist and nuero. Lot's of headaches and eye pressure. Good luck hope everything is OK>
    Yep. Sounds like Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri. I have a neuro-opthamologist as well as a neurologist who specializes in this specific "rare" disease. It's so much fun. See someone soon - I nearly lost my eye-sight.
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