If you recall, I purchased a draft cross that was essentially unbroken as a seven year old (had been ridden on trails but hadn't been in a barn and hadn't had much handling) . He is coming along well and is quiet but his manners have been tough to get through. He seems to be "two steps forward one step back " but he is smart and tries hard. He stretches nicely in hand and on the lunge but doesn't stretch under saddle well yet. He has a custom saddle coming so hopefully that will help him to be able to soften a little more. I am going to try to add links to some photos so you welcome to add comments and suggestions for the horse but please do not critique the rider as that is NOT me. He is currently at a h /j barn and I have not ridden him yet since the day I got him, I only do the ground work stuff and the lunging etc because I didn't want to break another horse on my own :s